Frequently Asked Questions

What is Writer’s Edit?

Writer’s Edit is a young online literary magazine created especially for writers and lovers of books. Founded in July 2013, the magazine is now home to hundreds of advice articles for authors, self-publishers and freelance writers. To find out more, click here.

Who runs it?

Writer’s Edit is run by a small but dedicated team of wordsmiths who all have varied experience and education in the creative writing and publishing industries. Check out our staff biographies here.

Is there a print version?

Currently there is no print version, mainly because our online mag gets updated numerous times a week (which is better for you guys!). However, as much as we love our technology and e-readers, part of our heart will always lie with print books, which is why we founded Writer’s Edit Press and published the Kindling anthologies. These three print books contain work by writers from all around Australia and the world.

How do I submit to the magazine?

We’re not currently open for submissions.

Will you read my work and provide feedback?

We’re unable to provide authors with free feedback on their manuscripts and short stories. However, we do have a range of editorial services available, should you require a professional opinion.

Are you hiring interns?

We’re not currently hiring interns or offering internship programs.

Do you have a newsletter or mailing list?

Yes, we do! We send out weekly emails full of insider advice, tips and opportunities for authors and self-publishers, as well as job postings for freelance writers. You can sign up for the newsletter in the sidebar on the right hand side.

Do you publish novels or books?

We do! Our young imprint, Talem Press, publishes fantasy fiction. Talem was the publishing house behind Helen Scheuerer‘s bestselling novels Heart of Mist and Reign of Mist, and is due to release more exciting titles in the near future. Talem is currently open for full-length fantasy submissions. Be sure to read the guidelines here.

Do you publish poetry?

While we have published poetry in the past, we’re currently not accepting new submissions.

How can I contact you?

You can get in touch via our contact page.