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The list below shows all articles which are yet to be ‘claimed’ by Writer’s Edit writers, along with some basic information about each.

You may choose an article from the list and apply to claim it using the application form below the list, or you can choose ‘Other’ on the form to pitch your own article topic idea.

You can apply for multiple articles at the same time, however you will only be assigned 1 article to work on at a time.

You will receive confirmation/rejection by email within 72 hours of an application.

Once you have been assigned an article to work on, please try to have that article written and submitted within 21 days.


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    X Ways To Write Parallel Storylines

    Post type: List
    Minimum #Words: 2500

    How To Create A Fictional Language For Your Fantasy Novel (Step By Step Guide)

    Post type: Guide
    Minimum #Words: 3500
    People also ask (consider using these questions as headers and content for your post):
    -> Is it illegal to create your own language
    -> How do you create a constructed language
    -> Is it possible to create a new language
    -> Where can I find a fictional language generator
    -> How do you create a fictional alphabet
    -> What is an example of a lexicon

    Is It Possible To Write A Novel As Part Of A Group?

    Post type: Response
    Minimum #Words: 1500
    People also ask (consider using these questions as headers and content for your post):
    -> How do you write a collaborative story
    -> What are some collaborative fiction examples

    How To Describe Hands In Your Writing

    Post Type: Guide
    Minimum #Words: 1500
    People also ask
    -> How do you describe your hand?
    -> How would you describe long fingers?
    -> How do you describe an old person's hands?
    -> How do you describe skin?
    -> how to describe handshakes
    -> how to describe hand gestures
    -> how to describe hand holding
    -> describing soft hands
    -> describing rough hands

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