Author: Keionda Lewis

How To Write A Shippable Romance Novel

How To Write A Shippable Romance Novel

Romance. Love it or hate it, it’s been around forever. From William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet to Sally Rooney’s Normal People, readers have been enamoured with love stories of all kinds. We’ve cried, we’ve felt things. And undoubtedly romance will

What Can We Learn From Reading Fiction

What Can We Learn From Reading Fiction Novels?

A book is like a time travel machine. Reading allows us to go into another world for a moment, whether it be to a wintry wonderland, a sun-blasted desert or a faraway castle equipped with fire-breathing dragons. It can also

How Much Do Literary Agents Cost?

What is a literary agent? How much do they cost? Do I need a literary agent?┬áCan I even afford one? These are some of the most commonly asked questions in regards to literary agents, so today we’re here to clear

Which Point of View Should I Use for My Novel?

Before you get to work creating the greatest character of all time for your novel, you also have to stop and consider which perspective you want to tell your story from. Which one fits your story? Which will help you

Can A Novel Be Written In First Person?

Many authors enjoy writing in first person point of view, and for some, it can be easier to write this way. Some authors, on the other hand, prefer to write solely in third person, and some even prefer omnipotent point

How To Write A Killer First Page For Your Novel

There are millions of things going on these days that divert our attention from what matters. Scrambling to reply to that email… Hitting ‘play’ on the next episode of your latest binge watch… It’s no surprise that our attention spans

Top 7 Tips For Writing A Successful Sequel

You’ve done it! You completed your first novel. Congrats! But now what do you do? Eat an entire pizza? Dance in your living room? Do whatever you please. You deserve it. But, what if you decide, mid-dance, that you’ve not