Liam Lowth

Liam Lowth is a writer from Brisbane currently completing a Film and Screen Media degree. He has had his short stories published and worked as a copywriter previously. With an interest in travel and different cultures, Liam presents themes of displacement and ennui in his fiction, while in is non-fiction he turns to his wry sensibilities for inspiration. Liam’s love of film and screenwriting earned him a spot at the University of Arizona where he will be traveling to in the coming months. He looks forward to finding further writing inspiration with the change of scenery.

A Literary Life

An insightful and honest exploration of where one writer’s love of the written word began.

4 Different Forms of Creative Writing

We explore four different forms of creative writing. Using great examples, Liam Lowth covers songwriting, screenwriting, play writing and poetry.

Eyrie by Tim Winton – Review

“To understand the brilliance of Eyrie, we must first understand its author…” Liam Lowth provides an in-depth review of Tim Winton’s latest novel.