Author: Maggie Doonan

5 Ways to Make Your Self-Published Book Look Professional - final

5 Ways to Make Your Self-Published Book Look Professional

Producing a professional-looking book is critical, especially when self-publishing. Despite being more common than ever, self-publishing still carries the old stigmas: unwanted by ‘real’ publishers, unedited and unlikely to be any good. A product that’s obviously self-published, or amateurish, will

Ultimate Guide: How To Identify Your Manuscript’s Target Market

Identifying your market is critical to the development and potential sale of your manuscript. An infinite number of variables shape a reader’s likes and dislikes. In order to maximise your appeal you must know who you are writing for, and how to catch their

4 Signs It’s Time To Quit A Writing Project

There is a romantic myth that surrounds writers. This myth is rife with infatuation, possessiveness and protectiveness: a writer is supposed to be obsessed with their work. Utterly absorbed. If their creative process stalls, or in some instances flatlines, the writer should

3 Easy Tricks For Improving Dialogue In Fiction

Think dialogue is just a case of he said, she said? Wrong. Dialogue is much more than a to-and-fro between characters; dialogue is the backbone of your narrative. In a single conversation between characters you can snag a reader and reel

5 Reasons Novelists Should Write Short Stories

The ability to write a short story, and write it well, is invaluable to any author. Novelists in particular can benefit from regularly immersing themselves in short fiction. Writing short stories… Develops creative and critical skills. Builds portfolios. Provides the opportunity to

7 Must-Know Facts About Manuscript Appraisals

A manuscript appraisal provides a crucial buffer before submission, and enables not only the development of your manuscript but the development of yourself as a writer, helping you on your way as you work towards publication. But how can you