Tegan Atkins

I'm a 25 year old Australian who quit journalism to pursue my love for rock climbing and creative writing. I currently freelance and teach english online, while I work on a contemporary fiction novel about a millennial woman's romantic rollercoaster of first love. You can read my stories from the heart on Instagram: _teganatkinswriter

Can A Protagonist Be Evil

Can A Protagonist Be Evil?

The protagonist is usually thought of as the hero of the story. They might have flaws or make poor decisions, but over the course of their journey, they generally right their wrongs and triumph over evil. As readers, we connect with the protagonist’s internal motivations, wants and fears. We understand why they are the way …

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Should A Novel Be Double Spaced

Should A Novel Be Double-Spaced?

If you’re in the process of formatting your novel for submission to a publisher or editor, or in preparation for self-publication, you might be stuck on the spacing. To double-space or single-space – that is the question! Chances are, publishers will toss a manuscript that doesn’t follow their preferred formatting. Don’t risk it! The wrong …

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