Is Plot Development More Important Than Character Development?

Plot versus character. Two heavyweight wrestlers stepping into the ring. The question on many writers’ lips is: who will win? It’s a common conundrum, with many writers wondering where they should place their focus as they start out with their

6 Key Questions To Ask When Creating A Magic System

When you’re writing a fantasy novel, one of the most important parts of world-building is creating a magic system. Magic is one of the essential elements of any fantasy story. How big or small a role it plays in that

7 Straightforward Tips For Turning An Idea Into A Story

There are few things more magical to a writer than an idea. That initial spark of inspiration, that tiny kernel that nestles itself in your mind – slowly growing and developing, taking shape and form… There’s no doubt that ideation

Create Compelling Characters With These 3 Types of Character Arcs

Create Compelling Characters With These 3 Types of Character Arcs

We all know that crafting believable characters with strong motivations is vital in fiction writing. But how do you ensure that your characters remain compelling throughout the course of your story? The answer is simple: make sure they all have

Naming your characters effectively

5 Steps To Naming Your Characters Effectively

Names are powerful. And naming a character is not a decision to be taken lightly. It can even be more important than a character’s carefully-crafted appearance. It helps create round characters. Good names help both writers and readers move through a

When (And How) To Split Your Story Into A Series

When (And How) To Split Your Story Into A Series

You’ve been working away at your novel, lovingly crafting each word, and the thought occurs to you: should I split this into another book or two? Often this thought comes up when you glance at your word length, steadily increasing

How To Plan Your Novel Using The Three-Act Structure

Writing a novel is hard, especially if you’ve never done it before. You’ve spent hours researching, building your world and becoming an expert on your characters. Now you’re ready for the next step: planning. While some people like to write

Top 7 Tips For Researching Your Novel

Research is a given when writing non-fiction texts. Journalists and authors of non-fiction books are no strangers to researching a piece before they start writing – but what about fiction authors? If you’re writing a novel and wondering whether you

Everything You Need To Plan Your Novel

Everything You Need to Know About Planning Your Novel

We provide an in-depth guide on how to plan every aspect of your novel...

How to Outline a Novel

How to Outline A Novel in 11 Easy Steps

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