7 Must-Know Facts About Manuscript Appraisals

A manuscript appraisal provides a crucial buffer before submission, and enables not only the development of your manuscript but the development of yourself as a writer, helping you on your way as you work towards publication. But how can you

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How To Write A Killer Synopsis For Your Novel : The Ultimate Guide

If you’ve never written a synopsis before or you’re hoping for a refresher, the following guide contains everything you need to know. We’ll look at exactly what a synopsis should achieve, provide a step-by-step approach to crafting one, and warn you where things might

3 Paths to Publishing

The 3 Paths To Publishing & What You Need To Know

You submit to a publisher and, beyond all hope, hear the sweetest words you could ever imagine: We’re interested. Or you notice that a publisher offers a service, a manuscript assessment, and see it as a way of getting a

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