7 Tips For Describing Hands In Your Writing

Hands are intimate things. Like eyes, they can be windows into our souls. They can reveal our inner thoughts and feelings, even when we’re trying to hide them. Our histories can be revealed by our hands – from the callouses

How To Write Your Story With A 5-Act Structure

Structure is the framework of a story. Understanding structure can help you, as a writer, develop those stories that aren’t quite hitting the mark yet. We are used to act-based structure an audience, as we are better able to absorb

10 Simple Ways To Hone Your Craft & Sharpen Your Writing Skills Today

Whether you’re writing fiction, non-fiction or something in between, approaching your writing as a professional requires a bit of strategy and a lot of tenacity. Being a good writer isn’t something you ‘arrive at’ and tick off the To-Do list

6 Ways To Create Character Sympathy & Empathy In A Story

Sympathy and empathy. They might be two of the most elusive traits to convey and build through writing, but they’re also two of the most important. When writing a character-led story or novel, the reader needs to feel connected to

How To Write An Impact Character Into A Novel

We tend to think of a story’s most important characters as being the protagonist, antagonist, sidekick, or even love interest. However, an equally integral character, though a little lesser known, is the ‘impact character’ – a term first used by

How Long Is A Short Story

How Long Is A Short Story?

Short stories are a fantastic way for writers to develop their craft for longer fiction, and an exciting category of writing in their own right.  Although they’ve grown in popularity across Australia in more recent years, short stories have been

How To Write Measurements In Fiction Writing

How To Write Measurements In Fiction Writing

Rules for writing numbers and units of measurement vary according to the style guide you follow. However, if you’re a fiction writer, it can be easy to get mixed up with the variety of ways to write measurement in non-fiction.

What Is The Difference Between Point Of View (POV) And Perspective_

What Is The Difference Between Point Of View (POV) And Perspective?

In conversations, the terms ‘point of view’ and ‘perspective’ might be interchangeable, both meaning someone’s opinion. But that isn’t the way when it comes to writing. In the simplest terms, the difference between the two is that point of view

Is Writing Fan Fiction Good Practice

Is Writing Fan Fiction Good Practice?

Fan fiction is writing based on movies, TV shows, video games and other creative works that already exist. It extends or builds on the work of other successful creators – most often without their consent. Fan fiction writers use the

What's The Difference Between A Scene And A Chapter

What’s The Difference Between A Scene And A Chapter?

The first piece of advice I received on this topic was from my Screenwriting 101 teacher. He taught that scenes are camera cuts where the setting or time changes, and chapters are like sections of a TV episode that end