What's The Difference Between A Scene And A Chapter

What’s The Difference Between A Scene And A Chapter?

The first piece of advice I received on this topic was from my Screenwriting 101 teacher. He taught that scenes are camera cuts where the setting or time changes, and chapters are like sections of a TV episode that end

Basic Rules Of Grammar Leaped vs Leapt

Leaped vs. Leapt: Basic Rules Of Grammar

The English language is a complex thing, and sometimes it feels like it was made to trick people. This is the case when it comes to the difference between leaped and leapt. Both of these words mean the same thing. Sometimes this

Should My Novel Have a Prologue?

In a novel, the prologue – a section preceding your first chapter – is a powerful literary tool. When utilised correctly, a prologue can elevate your novel to the next level. Fiction or non-fiction, crime or fantasy, a prologue sets

Should My Novel Have An Epilogue?

Appearing at the very end of a novel, an effective epilogue can leave a lasting impression on your audience. Written in similar fashion to the prologue, this short section is situated directly after the final chapter. Writers typically employ an

How To Write A Shippable Romance Novel

How To Write A Shippable Romance Novel

Romance. Love it or hate it, it’s been around forever. From William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet to Sally Rooney’s Normal People, readers have been enamoured with love stories of all kinds. We’ve cried, we’ve felt things. And undoubtedly romance will

How To Create Secondary Characters

How To Create Secondary Characters

The core of a great story comes with a set of compelling characters. While the protagonist will always have the limelight, secondary characters are as important. These range from sidekicks, best friends, a love interest, or an enemy. All with the purpose of

How To Write A Killer First Page For Your Novel

There are millions of things going on these days that divert our attention from what matters. Scrambling to reply to that email… Hitting ‘play’ on the next episode of your latest binge watch… It’s no surprise that our attention spans

Top 7 Tips For Writing A Successful Sequel

You’ve done it! You completed your first novel. Congrats! But now what do you do? Eat an entire pizza? Dance in your living room? Do whatever you please. You deserve it. But, what if you decide, mid-dance, that you’ve not

What Are Some Good Examples Of Character Development In Literature?

Every character has thoughts, opinions and a past that has shaped them into who they are. Character development is the process of creating this persona, then changing and adapting it in correlation to the events of a story. As readers

How To Make Minor Characters Matter

Any great story involves a cast of varied characters who each play an integral role. But ‘minor’ characters are an often overlooked element of storytelling. Many prospective writers position secondary characters in the proverbial trunk of the narrative vehicle, merely an