7 Hacks To Improve Your Creative Thinking

It can sometimes be a struggle to keep up the flow of your creative juices.

The reality is that this has become a struggle for almost everyone out there.

When it comes to creative thinking, regardless of the industry, niche, or position of our work, we all experience those moments when we feel stuck, demotivated and our minds have just hit a blank.

And no matter how hard you try, those ideas don’t seem to come out.

Not to worry, as in this article, we will be discussing simple hacks that can help you spike up your creative flows.

These hacks can help you change the way you behave and think. Your brain would enter a more creative mode.

It never ceases to wonder how just a slight change to your lifestyle can make a whole world of difference.

Here are seven hacks that can help you improve your creative thinking skills:

Hack #1. Move out of your ‘comfort box’

According to recent studies, people who sit outside the box often tend to come up with ‘out of the box ideas’.

Sometimes odd or new locations stimulate a person’s creativity. Even if you don’t work in a box, try to move your work to somewhere different.

Try out new working places like the park, the coffee shop, your porch, or you could even try sitting on the floor. Doing this could somehow spark up your creative juices.

Hack #2. Take breaks in between work

Take Breaks To Improve Your Creative Thinking

Whenever you feel stuck with an idea and feel like you have nowhere to go, what you need is a breath of fresh air.

Because if you try to force yourself to come up with new ideas, that would only lead to more exhaustion and frustration.

Stand up from your workstation, grab a coffee, take a walk to the vending machine, talk to your colleagues who are free, or look at the beautiful scenery of your office’s garden or the driveway.

Just do anything that would take your mind away from work for the moment. Take a break.

You might strike some inspirations at the most unexpected places, and you’d be surprised when you receive them when you’re not working.

You might even find most of your inspiration when cycling in the woods or chatting with an old friend.

Hack #3. Listen To Music

Listening to music has proven to help millions of people rekindle their creativity.

And this is because music helps stir up the right side of the brain even as you use the brain’s left side to work.

Thus, a whole-brain approach would improve your creative thinking. Most people would prefer heavy beat music, while others would want a piece of soft music.

The truth is, whatever works for you is fine. For instance, it has been proven that Mozart can tap into your creativity and ability and well as your ability to focus.

Hack #4. Try to change your working position

It is typical for most people to work while sitting at a desk in front of a computer.

To improve your creativity, you should change your position. For example, you can try working while reclining or while lying in bed.

According to research, people who lie in bed tend to solve problems quicker than those who sit.

If that doesn’t still work, you should try to stand.

Working on your feet is good for the health, and being upright while working helps the mind to generate fresh, new ideas, speaks up creative energy, and sustains your focus.

Hack #5. Get your ideas to list organised

Organise Your To-Do List To Improve Creative Thinking

Sometimes the stumbling block of your creative thinking could be too many ideas.

While having an array of ideas is a good move, it can also be a significant source of confusion.

You can make a list of all your thoughts because it helps. List any idea that immediately springs to mind and decide which one you think is the best.

It would be best if you ever held a pen and a little journal everywhere you go, so don’t miss the thoughts that come to you when you ride a bus, have lunch, read books or see videos online.

Hack #6. Make the most of your peak hours

You need to understand that some people are more productive at certain hours of the day.

Some people are more creative at the height of their emotions. Work your heart out at these unique moments and let your creative energies spill effortlessly.

Creativity can also be enhanced if you place yourself in a room or surround yourself with some songs.

This release of inspiration varies from person to person. It’s quick and easy to determine what time of day, emotion, or environment you should be creative. Just do what is working for you.

Hack #7. Have Fun with friends or colleagues

One proven way of generating ideas quickly is by having fun with your friends or colleagues.

It’s a beautiful time to open yourself to others’ thoughts, so you can make your ideas more cohesive.

The easiest way to do this is to listen to suggestions without prejudice.

Judgement even without hearing the whole explanation can inevitably lead to modesty and hatred within the group.

Besides, this kind of team-building aims to stimulate as many new ideas and solutions to each person’s input counts.


So there you have it – 7 hacks to improve your creative thinking skills.

It is expected that these hacks and techniques would help you come up with some of the most innovative ideas you would need in your life.

If you’d notice, these aren’t things you aren’t already familiar with. As simple as they seem, they are very effective and powerful.

One of the reasons many people rarely see results is the lack of consistency and perseverance in what they do.

You might not implement the seven, go over the list one more time and select whatever works for you and put it to good use.

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