The Border Trilogy Without Borders

If there’s one McCarthy book to read after you’ve recovered from the emotional trauma of The Road, it’s The Border Trilogy. Not a light read, the trilogy consists of – All the Pretty HorsesThe Crossing and Cities of the Plain, but the reader’s perseverance is undoubtedly rewarded ten-fold. Exploring brotherhood, what it means to be a man, and relentless passion, in McCarthy’s signature stark and unforgiving style, these books are an unforgettable tribute to masculinity.

All The Pretty Horses follows John Grady Cole as he leaves his hometown behind in search of the cowboy life. The Crossing captures the adventures of young Billy Parham, as he journeys to the mountains of Mexico. These two books – standalone masterpiece stories in their own rights, are brought together in Cities of the Plain for a climactic and poignant vision of brotherhood and loyalty.

The first novel of the trilogy, ‘All the Pretty Horses’.

“Read this novel soon. Read all three novels in the right order. For the sacramental grandeur of the prose, for the mystery of the hard lives that make possible a soft tenderness, for the undeniable satisfaction of watching a great story come to completion in three breathtaking acts” – The Observer.

So, if you’re after a McCarthy fix after reading The Road for the billionth time, this is it. And we guarantee, you won’t be disappointed.

Helen Scheuerer

Helen Scheuerer is a novelist from Sydney, and the Founding Editor of Writer's Edit. She has a Bachelor of Creative Arts from the University of Wollongong and a Masters in Publishing from The University of Sydney. Her #1 bestselling YA fantasy novel, Heart of Mist is available now. You can grab your copy here. She also chronicles her writing process and current work over at

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