Five Awesome Writers’ Work Spaces

As Virginia Woolf so aptly stated: “A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction”. We’d extend this to writers in general – we all need a space of our own in order to create. And sometimes, we need to take inspiration from the work spaces of others, which is what this pretty little article is all about. Let’s take a look at the offices and writing spaces that the Writer’s Edit Team are lusting after…


Who doesn’t go crazy for exposed brick? We’re all for this shared work space with its bare foundations and big bright windows. The wide desk is perfect for spreading out books and character profiles, and with that cheeky bottle of beer on the side – what’s not to love?

Workspace 1
Image Credit: Afro Art Media


There’s nothing like a big, white and bright office to get your creative juices flowing. With plenty of natural light, and space for mood boards, every writer is bound to feel free and inspired in a space like this. We’re loving the generous windows and subtle fresh blooms either side.

white bright office
Image Credit: Veronica Hinojosa of Hinojosa Photography.


This is definitely one of the best work spaces we’ve seen. Simple, clean and distraction-free, we’d surely get our word count up here. We’re loving the whole ‘bringing the outdoors indoors’ thing with the pops of greenery, and the rustic feel from the recycled desktop. That coffee’s looking pretty tempting right about now too…

Image Credit: Julia Manchik.


Who wouldn’t be inspired with this view? The combination of an extensive, in-built library with lush green hills and open space would definitely get us in the creative zone. Check out the informal reading/meeting area in front of the window! Who wouldn’t want to curl up with their favourite book here?

Image Credit: Home Designing – Book of Beautiful Homes.


Can you imagine sipping on your morning coffee or tea while you plan your next novel? We certainly could. Whether you’re hammering away on your latest fiction, or you’re catching up on emails – how could you not feel lucky working in front of this view?

long desk view
Image Credit: Home Designing – Book of Beautiful Homes.

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