New Year’s Resolutions for Writers

New Year’s Resolutions can be a wishy-washy topic: you either make them and break them, or never bother (and if you’re one of those rare people who manage to stick it out for the entire year, you should be given a medal and put in a museum for the rest of us to study).

But if you’re looking for a resolution that can help you in your 2014 writing journey, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some ideas:

Set a writing goal

new year resolutions
What are your writing goals for 2014?
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It could be 300 words a day, one poem per week, editing one chapter every fortnight. Whatever it is, you’ll be writing and working on your writing often, and every little bit helps.

Set a reading goal

If you’re a bookworm this will be easy. But if finding the time to read more is difficult, then make a resolution to squeeze more in. On the bus, on your lunch break, 15 minutes before bed.

Start a new project

You’ve gotta love the motivation and excitement that comes with starting something new. How big your project becomes is up to you. You could start a blog, a journal, even a monthly ‘zine.

Join a group

Writing doesn’t have to be lonely, and meeting up with a regular workshopping group, book club, or online network can put you in touch with other writers and allow you to branch out creatively.


As with any long-term commitment, choosing an achievable resolution will make it easier to keep up with. And remember, missing a target or two won’t ruin your end result. Any dedicated moment will make you a better writer.

All the best for the New Year and good luck with your 2014 writing goals!

Kyra Thomsen

Kyra is a writer and editor from Wollongong. She works full-time as a content writer while reading on the train and drafting short fiction stories in her spare time. Kyra won the 2012 Questions Writing Prize and has been published in Kindling, Seizure Online, Space Place & Culture and Tide. She enjoys admiring her bookshelves, watching cheesy shows on Netflix, and browsing her Tumblr. You can learn more about Kyra's previous publications, plus find fortnightly posts, on her website:

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