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Category: Fiction Writing

The lines separating genres in fiction writing can be hard to identify. Not everyone agrees where to draw them, and as trends in genre fiction evolve, they’re constantly changing anyway. What’s more, the cross-pollination of hallmarks and themes from different genres makes boxes and boundaries even trickier to establish. As writers, it is important to […]
Let's start off with a fact: most (if not all) first drafts are terrible. Even Ernest Hemingway says so. There's not really any avoiding this, not even for the most talented or experienced writer. But when you think about it, the concept of a less-than-stellar first draft is actually quite liberating. It means you're free […]
Creating compelling characters is perhaps the most important aspect of fiction writing. Previously, we've explored the processes of crafting believable characters, writing strong character relationships, and making your characters more memorable. But what about your characters' motivations? The decisions and actions of characters drive the plot of every story. And each of your story's players – […]
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