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Category: Fiction Writing

I am the youngest, which is usually a detail that warrants scrutiny from the others. I am as tough, as skilled and certainly as intelligent as the other three but a deficit in years deems me the undisputed runt. They criticise my posture, my jumping and even how I handle my blade. In my brothers’ […]

I have spent the past few years exploring theories of creativity with the keen interest only an upbringing favouring hard sciences and maths can engender. Having worked in the marketing field, I’ve

Writing prompts are a great way to start off when you've been finding it hard to get motivated. Try this one: Our recent Writer's Abroad travels have got us thinking about travel writing… We’ve be

I remember writing a book. Or trying to, at least. It was a pile of memories I had collected over a three-month period – a collection from which I thought something could be created. These were memo

Writers are often after some kind of trigger to get their writing going, which is why Writer's Edit offers Writing Prompts. Each week, we aim to bring you something new to set your creative thoughts into overdrive. Check out this week's: Arguably, one of the main driving forces behind any work of fiction is relationships. […]
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