Weekly Writing Prompts: #15

You’ve probably heard the phrase, ‘actions speak louder than words’, and the age-old writing advice, ‘show, don’t tell’.

These ideas are based on using the subtext of the writing (what’s implied but not actually said) to communicate ideas without shoving them in the reader’s face.


writing prompts coffee
This week’s writing prompt uses a mundane task to tell a larger story…
Image Credit: Todd Stadler via Flickr Creative Commons.

Describe a couple’s argument using only the act of making a cup of coffee (or tea). You can’t use dialogue and you can’t openly say that the characters have been fighting.

This writing prompt forces you to think about the way in which actions can tell a larger story, and uses subtlety to enrich your writing.

You can find even more exercises on our writing prompts page. Have fun, and happy writing!