Weekly Writing Prompts: #24

Incorporating setting into one’s work is often quite challenging. The writer risks taking their reader away from the story and characters with lengthy descriptions… but having an authentic setting is essential for any work of fiction. That’s why this week’s writing prompt focuses on defining place.

weekly writing prompts24
This week’s writing prompt focuses on developing your settings.
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Think about a story you’re working on, or about to start. Have you decided on a setting yet? Here are some things to consider when choosing where to set your story:

  • What does it reveal about your characters?
  • Does the place itself have the potential to create obstacles? These can be emotional or physical.
  • Does the setting reflect a certain time in the characters life?
  • Do any particular parts of the place result in flashbacks for any of your characters?


These are questions to play with before you knuckle down and work out the aesthetic details. Keeping in mind your point of view, brainstorm ways you can describe setting while revealing character traits.

Once you have considered these factors and brainstormed, layer your new ideas for your setting throughout your story. Share your success stories with us!

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Happy writing folks!

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