Weekly Writing Prompts: #27

This week’s writing prompt is for writers who want to dabble in non-fiction writing. Have a think about the last piece of creative non-fiction you read… What was it? Can you recall one at all? Was it a biography? A memoir? A piece of literary journalism?

Consider what you liked most about the last example you read, note some techniques – are they using direct quotes? Is it in first person or third? Is the author present in the situation at all? What worked, and what didn’t? Keep these details in mind, and read on.

writing prompts_creative nonfiction
This week’s writing prompt encourages writers to use their own experiences in a creative non-fiction piece.
Image Credit: Luca Cerabona via Flickr Creative Commons.

Choose an ordinary moment from your earlier years. Try not to go for something too dramatic, the key here is to make the ordinary extraordinary by using your skills as a writer. Recount this memory in 500 words (or more, if you’re feeling particularly inspired) using as much flair as you like, but try to remain true to the event or person – this is non-fiction after all.

We encourage you to dip your toes into a number of creative non-fiction styles – the biography/profile, the memoir, journalism… What suits you best?

Feel free to submit your experiments to Writer’s Edit!

Happy writing!


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