Weekly Writing Prompts: #5

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Writing prompts - your essentials.
Writing prompts – your essentials.

Arguably, one of the main driving forces behind any work of fiction is relationships. Whether it involves romance or parents, siblings or friends, strangers or ideas, you can’t deny that our lives, as well as the lives of our characters revolve around relationships with others.

Take your protagonist’s main relationship, what is at the core of it? What does your protagonist get out of it and how does it affect him or her? What has this relationship witnessed in terms of your protagonist’s life? A breakdown? An achievement? A family crisis? Explore this.

Once you’ve got this relationship (whatever kind it is) covered, let your readers discover it through your character’s actions. Does this relationship change them? In what way? Does he or she wear a particular item of jewellery? Why? Who’s it from? What reaction would your protagonist had if he or she lost it? The point is to continually challenge your protagonist and their relationships throughout your story, whether it’s micro fiction or a 150,000 word novel, you have to push them to their limits. And the best way to do this is by manipulating and exploring their most influential relationships.

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