Weekly Writing Prompts: #8

Another week has passed and here we are again with weekly writing prompts… This time, we’ve decided to mix things up a little. Have you ever used images/photography as writing prompts before? Well, you’re about to.

Sometimes, the perfect writing prompts are more than just words...The Basilica di Santa Maria, Florence.
Sometimes, the perfect writing prompts are more than just words…The Basilica di Santa Maria, Florence.

Whether you’ve got an existing protagonist, or you’re about to create something new, keep this in mind: Travel changes a person. Today, we’re not just talking about the commute to work, today, we’re talking big travel (big to us in Australia, that is). Think about your protagonist and their experiences, where have they been? Have they been anywhere at all? It’s time to explore these possibilities.

You don’t have to make them travel, but it now’s the moment to be asking yourself, and them – why not? And if they have travelled – where? Why? Who with? What was different when they came back? One of the oldest notions about travel is that you feel as though everything has changed when you return, when in fact, it’s you who’s changed.

One of the reasons we fall in love with characters is because they go through different stages of development and growth… Do the choices your character has made about travel, tell us something deeper about them?

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