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5 Simple Invoicing Tools For Freelance Writers

Invoices pay our bills and put food on our tables. They’re a freelance writer's best friend, and yet they can be so dull and time-consuming. As writers, we want to spend our time writing, not staring dolefully at spreadsheets. So why subject yourself to unnecessarily complicated invoicing procedures? As with most things …

How To Get Started As A Freelance Editor

There are countless avenues for careers in the freelancing world. Sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming. How do you get your foot in the door? How do you get enough experience? If you’re interested in becoming a freelance editor, you’ll need to establish yourself as a professional with plenty …

How to be a Travel Writer

For many, travel writing is the dream job - adventure, freedom and being published are all part of the ultimate lifestyle. Check out our tips for getting your foot in the door of the travel writing industry.