Multi-Topic Agency Writer

Hello! is seeking to grow our network of American freelance writers.

We are currently searching for freelance writers that can deliver high-quality content, on-time, consistently.

Our Services

We are a content creation agency that specializes in search engine optimized content. Our clients order blog posts, website content, eCommerce content, and SEO affiliate content (product reviews) from us so they can use them to rank on Google for their defined target keywords.

Here are a few examples of content we create regularly:

Blog Posts: These types of articles are informational in nature. They include “how to” content, info-based articles, buyer’s guides, updates & news about the client’s company, and list-style articles.
Website Content: When client’s launch new websites, they need all of the static content that will appear on each of the new site’s pages. This can include homepage content, service descriptions, and “About Us” pages.
eCommerce Content: Websites that sell physical products and services need enticing copy. Our eCommerce clients use WordAgents to create both product category descriptions and product descriptions.
Reviews: We work with tons of affiliate marketers who have a never-ending need for individual product/service reviews, as well as “roundup reviews” that provide several product recommendations within a single category.
Writers within the WordAgents network need to be comfortable creating each type of content listed above.

Who We’re Hiring

WordAgents is seeking freelance writers that:

Are Team Players: Our writers need to work with several different members of our Management staff during the production of client work.
Exhibit Stellar Writing Skills: We expect every writer in our network to have a solid grasp of spelling & grammar, the ability to express information in a concise and succinct manner, and the ability to engage with a reader throughout their article.
Are Great At Internet Research: Freelance writers in our network need to be able to quickly research topics online in-depth. Knowledge of Google’s Advanced Search Operators is a plus!
Understand Proper Article Structure & Formatting: Writers need to know how to use Google Docs to structure and format their work properly. Our projects require writers to use headings, lists, hyperlinks, citations, and related formatting in the course of their work.
Communicate Often: We value freelance writers who communicate early and often. Writers who ask questions and show a desire to ensure a project is completed correctly receive the most work from us.
Are Detail Oriented: Creating content for SEO requires writers to be extremely detail-oriented. You’ll need to meet all client requirements and expectations on every project.
American: We are currently only hiring writers that are American and speak flawless Native English
Are Open to Constructive Criticism: Our goal is to improve consistently. We need freelance writers who can accept constructive criticism regularly so that they can better meet the needs of our clients.
Writer Duties

The following requirements and responsibilities apply to all writers in our network:

Fast Communication: You’ll need to be able to accept/reject assigned projects within 24 hours of receiving the assignment. You’ll also need to be able to quickly respond to any messages or updates from management.
Deadlines: We have strict deadlines for all of our projects. Writers who consistently miss deadlines will be removed from our team.
Project Management: You’ll need to work within our project management system to accept your projects, complete your work, and converse with management.
Order Details: Our project briefings are comprehensive and specific. Writers need to be able to create content that follows these briefings exactly as written so that our clients’ expectations are met.
Research: All writers need to conduct internet research for every project they’re assigned. We expect all articles to include information that provides value to the reader.
Google Docs: You’ll need to use Google Docs for all projects assigned to you.
PayPal: We pay writers via PayPal exclusively. You’ll need your own PayPal account.
Grammar: All writers on our team need to use our internal grammar tool to ensure proper spelling and grammar is used in every article.
Plagiarism: We do not accept writing that has been plagiarized in any way. Writers need to use our internal plagiarism-checking tool on each article they work on.
Workload & Compensation

If you’re invited to join our network of writers, your workload will be somewhat sparse over the first 30 to 60 days as we get to know your skill sets and abilities. We will provide you at least one project every two weeks during this probation period.

Once that probation period has passed, our goal is to provide our writers with consistent work each week. We require all writers to be able to create at least 1,000 words of writing each work day. The workload assigned to you each week will vary based on the current projects we have available.

All newly hired freelance writers are offered a rate of $.03 per word. This rate is non-negotiable.

Writers who have worked with us for awhile and have shown the ability to produce high-quality work consistently may be offered higher paying projects when they’re available. These higher-level projects pay up to $.10 per word, depending on the requirements of the project.

How To Apply

If you’d like to apply to be a freelance writer for, please click the link below and complete our application.

Food Blogger

Do you love food? Do you love writing fun, personality-driven content? If so, you may be a perfect fit for our fun and fast-moving company!

We're looking for passionate writers to produce high-quality and well-researched content for our food blog.

You will be writing fun, informative articles every day for our food blog. These pieces are generally around 1,000 words each.

You'll be responsible for at least one article per day (Monday - Friday).

For every article. we provide extensive briefs on how the article should be formatted, key items to include, along with some reference articles for your research. Our team is always available to answer questions so you are never writing in the dark.

We're looking for fun, conversational articles that are also extremely informative. We want our readers to learn a lot while also having fun. We believe that if you have fun writing it, our audience will enjoy reading it!

Here are some examples of the type of content we're looking for:

20 Easy Mango Dessert Recipes

What to Serve with Chicken Wings: 18 Incredible Side Dishes

Bisquick Strawberry Shortcake

Skills / Experience Required:
1) Excellent English Skills - This is a must. We're looking for writers who can create fun, personality-driven content that pulls the reader in from the very first sentence to the last.
2) Experience in researching and writing in-depth articles - 2 years of writing experience is preferred. But if you think you've got the writing chops, don't hesitate to apply 🙂
3) Familiarity with Google Docs, Google Sheets, etc... All of our project management is done inside of Google Drive. You will upload finished articles to Google Docs.
5) Fast and reliable internet
6) Hard-working & ambitious - We are a fast-growing company looking for team members who are hard-working, ambitious, and always up for a challenge!
7) Loves food! We're looking for people who love food (and writing about food 🙂 as much as we do.

Pay Rates:
Per article basis

How to Apply:
If you're interested in this position, please fill out the form here:

I look forward to hearing from you!

How to Stand Out:
We're looking for someone who has a fun writing style that's packed with personality!

Anything you can do in the application to show me your style of writing will definitely give you an edge and make me take notice.

Writing samples are critical as this is one of the key things I look at in order to find the perfect candidate.

But you can also show me your style and personality in the final question on the application form. That's one of the key places where I look to see what sort of writing style you have 🙂

While this is a content-focused role, experience with search engine optimization and copywriting are always a big plus.

Apply Here:



Reality Television Writers

The Inquisitr is looking for highly-motivated writers with experience covering reality television online.

All reality television coverage is welcome, but we are specifically hoping for someone to cover the following shows on a regular basis, including what the casts are doing on Instagram:

-90 Day Fiance
-Real Housewives
-Teen Mom
-The Masked Singer
-Big Brother
-Dancing With The Stars

Applicants must speak English fluently and be able to write a minimum of 25, 400-word articles per week (Monday - Sunday).

Pay starts at $15 per article flat rate.

We are looking for serious applicants who have a working knowledge of WordPress, photo-editing skills, a Skype account, and have a minimum of one year of experience working in online news.

We offer:
-Work from home (remote) positions
-Weekly pay
-Flexible schedules

Accountancy, Tax & Pensions Writer

I’m looking for a freelance writer to contribute about 2-5 articles per month to a website focused on accountancy, taxation & pensions for small business owners in Ireland.

We’ll cover taxation facts & information (from bookkeeping technology to payroll requirements to basic tax return information, to more complex topics such as using pensions, other taxation reliefs & how to structure your business), how-to articles (how to automate your bookkeeping, how to minimise your tax bill etc.) and articles offering accountancy / taxation advice to our core client base - small business owners in Ireland.

The successful candidate will produce detailed, informative, SEO-friendly content following a structured approach, working collaboratively with the website owner to develop and refine repeatable formats that rank competitively in search.

Many articles will require research to gather factual information on things like accountancy or taxation or finance topics, with a particular focus on Ireland.

Smartphone & Personal Tech Writer

Hope everyone is staying safe 🙂
I'm looking for experienced tech writers to join the GizmoGrind Team. We need writers who have a deep understanding of mobile tech, as well as the social issues surrounding them and how they impact everyday life.

In the past, we've worked on quick and easy blog posts. Now, however, we are looking for writers able to dig deeper and create well-researched pieces. We like to think in terms of "projects" rather than blog posts This will include conducting surveys (we'll provide the budget) on surveycircles and other mediums, expressing the data we collect visually via infographics and taking the time to make sure our post is the most informative in the given topic.

Whether you have time for one project a month or many, we are open to working with you. I've spent some time writing myself and I get that it's an art that shouldn't be rushed.
There are a number of other considerations and small technical aspects to the writing we need but that can all be explained and is more procedural.

Interested? Please apply with expected compensation and previous work examples for a quick response!

Homebrewing & Beer Craft Website Writer

Are you a homebrewer and/or craft beer lover?

Are you also a kick-ass writer?

If you answered yes to these questions, then read on.

We’re a media company that runs a number of blogs. We’re looking for a passionate US-based writer who can help us expand our site, Bison Brew.

This is an exciting opportunity for you to write about something fun - homebrewing, breweries, and craft beer! You should have a deep, personal love for homebrewing and/or craft beer. You’ll be reviewing breweries, craft beers, craft beer scenes and if you have homebrewing experience, you’ll be writing about homebrewing too.

For this, we need true passion - no fakers here, please! If you don’t truly have a passion for this, I’m afraid it’s not going to work.

Still reading? Great!

So, what’s in it for you? Not only do you get to research and write about craft beer, but you’ll also be part of a driven team that intends to grow the site for years to come. We’ll give you a consistent, flexible flow of work to ensure you’re able to produce the very best content with minimal bottlenecks.


Must have at least 2+ years writing experience
Must have writing samples - preferably about beer
Must live in the United States
Homebrewing experience preferred
Must love craft beer

Competitive freelance rates - $0.04 per word on a 90-day trial basis, then $0.05-$0.08 depending on experience
Consistent workload every week - 2-3 articles guaranteed
Flexible deadlines
Stable work as part of a high performing team