Multi-Topic Agency Writer

Hello! is seeking to grow our network of American freelance writers.

We are currently searching for freelance writers that can deliver high-quality content, on-time, consistently.

Our Services

We are a content creation agency that specializes in search engine optimized content. Our clients order blog posts, website content, eCommerce content, and SEO affiliate content (product reviews) from us so they can use them to rank on Google for their defined target keywords.

Here are a few examples of content we create regularly:

Blog Posts: These types of articles are informational in nature. They include “how to” content, info-based articles, buyer’s guides, updates & news about the client’s company, and list-style articles.
Website Content: When client’s launch new websites, they need all of the static content that will appear on each of the new site’s pages. This can include homepage content, service descriptions, and “About Us” pages.
eCommerce Content: Websites that sell physical products and services need enticing copy. Our eCommerce clients use WordAgents to create both product category descriptions and product descriptions.
Reviews: We work with tons of affiliate marketers who have a never-ending need for individual product/service reviews, as well as “roundup reviews” that provide several product recommendations within a single category.
Writers within the WordAgents network need to be comfortable creating each type of content listed above.

Who We’re Hiring

WordAgents is seeking freelance writers that:

Are Team Players: Our writers need to work with several different members of our Management staff during the production of client work.
Exhibit Stellar Writing Skills: We expect every writer in our network to have a solid grasp of spelling & grammar, the ability to express information in a concise and succinct manner, and the ability to engage with a reader throughout their article.
Are Great At Internet Research: Freelance writers in our network need to be able to quickly research topics online in-depth. Knowledge of Google’s Advanced Search Operators is a plus!
Understand Proper Article Structure & Formatting: Writers need to know how to use Google Docs to structure and format their work properly. Our projects require writers to use headings, lists, hyperlinks, citations, and related formatting in the course of their work.
Communicate Often: We value freelance writers who communicate early and often. Writers who ask questions and show a desire to ensure a project is completed correctly receive the most work from us.
Are Detail Oriented: Creating content for SEO requires writers to be extremely detail-oriented. You’ll need to meet all client requirements and expectations on every project.
American: We are currently only hiring writers that are American and speak flawless Native English
Are Open to Constructive Criticism: Our goal is to improve consistently. We need freelance writers who can accept constructive criticism regularly so that they can better meet the needs of our clients.
Writer Duties

The following requirements and responsibilities apply to all writers in our network:

Fast Communication: You’ll need to be able to accept/reject assigned projects within 24 hours of receiving the assignment. You’ll also need to be able to quickly respond to any messages or updates from management.
Deadlines: We have strict deadlines for all of our projects. Writers who consistently miss deadlines will be removed from our team.
Project Management: You’ll need to work within our project management system to accept your projects, complete your work, and converse with management.
Order Details: Our project briefings are comprehensive and specific. Writers need to be able to create content that follows these briefings exactly as written so that our clients’ expectations are met.
Research: All writers need to conduct internet research for every project they’re assigned. We expect all articles to include information that provides value to the reader.
Google Docs: You’ll need to use Google Docs for all projects assigned to you.
PayPal: We pay writers via PayPal exclusively. You’ll need your own PayPal account.
Grammar: All writers on our team need to use our internal grammar tool to ensure proper spelling and grammar is used in every article.
Plagiarism: We do not accept writing that has been plagiarized in any way. Writers need to use our internal plagiarism-checking tool on each article they work on.
Workload & Compensation

If you’re invited to join our network of writers, your workload will be somewhat sparse over the first 30 to 60 days as we get to know your skill sets and abilities. We will provide you at least one project every two weeks during this probation period.

Once that probation period has passed, our goal is to provide our writers with consistent work each week. We require all writers to be able to create at least 1,000 words of writing each work day. The workload assigned to you each week will vary based on the current projects we have available.

All newly hired freelance writers are offered a rate of $.03 per word. This rate is non-negotiable.

Writers who have worked with us for awhile and have shown the ability to produce high-quality work consistently may be offered higher paying projects when they’re available. These higher-level projects pay up to $.10 per word, depending on the requirements of the project.

How To Apply

If you’d like to apply to be a freelance writer for, please click the link below and complete our application.

Multi-Topic Marketing Copywriter

Thanks for your interest in joining our HOTH Web Copy team!

We're looking for talented team members with strong keyword research and writing skills.

This role is split into two responsibilities
Optimization Reports
Web Copy
Clients will be able to order the above solutions together or separately. For that reason, you must be able to conduct keyword research and create quality optimization reports and write high-quality web copy to perform in this role.

And we're looking to add people right away!

In this role, you’ll be creating optimization reports and 150, 300, 500, 1000, 1500, or 2000 word copywriting-style pieces dedicated to whatever our customers’ page needs are. For example, recently we’ve worked with travel agents, marketing companies, skincare professionals, and online paint retailers.

The topics will vary widely so we need flexible people!

HOTH Web Copy will be our solution for clients who need new home page content, service page content, product descriptions, and more.

Copywriting experience is required for consideration.

We pay our writers via PayPal every Monday.

Please submit at least two copywriting samples with your application. The samples cannot be from a website you own.

In order to remain in compliance with California Assembly Bill No. 5, The HOTH cannot hire individuals in California as contract or freelance workers.

Productivity Software Content Writer

The content marketer will primarily write and edit Hubstaff content, upholding grammar and voice standards and ensuring each task is meeting its primary goal. This role requires an eye for detail and consistency, often taking written content and bringing up to the highest possible quality. A deep understanding of audience, the topic itself, and content marketing is required. Being able to manage your own projects and take ownership of your work is important.


Edit content for 10x quality and conversion
Proofread and edit articles, web copy, blog posts, and emails
Assist blog editor in moving projects forward and jumping in as needed
Draft content (blog posts, emails) as needed, delivering on the goals of each piece
Manage content projects and keep tasks moving forward
Provide clear feedback that will improve processes and future content
Uphold voice and tone of the brand, maintain standards
Understand SEO best practices as it relates to writing and editing
Suggest ways to improve content, whether with visuals or by bringing in expert advice
Leverage data to make recommendations and content decisions
Social media community management skills to increase the reach of our content
An understanding of conversion rate optimization (CRO) and content analytics
Experience writing and editing for a SaaS business

60% - Editing content
30% - Writing content
10% - Shepherding projects through the content process, managing tasks

Success Looks Like

Increase in new blog traffic, search rankings, and conversions
Upholding a clear and consistent Hubstaff voice and tone
Increase in driving traffic to the marketing site, trial sign-ups through content
Increase email subscriptions

Reports to Content Lead

YouTube Top 10 List Channel Video Script Writer

Currently Hiring 3 Long-Term Writers - ASAP.

I manage multiple Youtube channels with Top 10 list-style videos. We are always looking for top notch writers that can:

Write 1,200 word list-style, well researched articles/scripts fast (15 - 30 per month). The topic and templated structure will be provided but usually consist of 100 word intro, 100 words on each list item (10 items, so 1000 words), 30 word "please subscribe" plug, and 30-50 word "what to watch next" plug.
Write using great American style "spoken" English with little or no spelling errors. As these are videos, proper English is not as important as having the words flow together when spoken. (As a check you can simply read your article/script to yourself before submitting and shorten/reword any sentences that don't flow easily.)
Produce 15-30 videos a month on a long-term contract basis. Work anytime you want, but part-time (PT) writers are expected to deliver 3-4 articles/scripts a week, and full-time (FT) writers are expected to deliver 6-7 articles/scripts a week
Make updates to article/script promptly (within 24 hours) as needed. It is anticipated no updates will be needed after your first or second article (once you are familiar with our style). However, on the rare occasion an update is needed, the update needs to be completed within 24 hours.
Provide links to articles, videos, and any other content used to research the topic. This list of links is important because we provide this list to the video editor to assist them in curating the footage and images for producing the video.
Templates and samples will be provided. The niches range from luxury, most expensive, exotic cars, animals, plus a few others.

Interested candidate, please use the link below to answer a few questions and provide links to samples of your work. We prefer to see samples of other Top 10, or Top (any number) style articles/scripts you have created. We do not care whether or not you have ever created a video script, because a top 10 article is just fine.
Selected Candidates will be given one PAID test assignment (short 400 word Top 3 article on Topic WE PROVIDE with an intro and 3 list items)
Candidates Advanced will then be given their first 2 PAID "Real" assignments, with a 48-hour return time.
From there hiring decisions will be made and contracts signed.
Articles/scripts written for us must be exclusively for us. Writers will be required to sign over all rights to the content and attest that the content was written exclusively for us.

Part Time (PT) writers will be given 3 topics per week (1st script is due back within 48 hours of assigning)
Full Time (FT) writers will initially be given 5 topics per week (1st script is due within 48 hours of assignment, and an article is due every 24 hours). After 10 articles have been successfully submitted without being sent back to the writer for revisions, full-time writers will have the option of taking on 7 topics per week.

Please provide your per article/script rate for writing fifteen 1,200 word Top 10 articles/scripts a month, and if available thirty 1,200 word Top 10 articles/scripts a month (ex. $20/per article for writing thirty 1,200 word Top 10 scripts a month)
Pay will be weekly On Monday's (US ET) for All work submitted and approved by 5:00 PM US ET Saturday. (So if you submit 5 articles that are approved by Saturday Week 1, 2 days later on Monday of Week 2, you'll be paid for those 5 articles)

Candidates from ANY Country that have at least 1 writing sample and can write in near perfect spoken American English. If you don't have any writing samples, your application will be REJECTED.

Tech YouTube Channel Video Script Writer

Are you a skilled writer with the ability to write product reviews that emphasize the features that matter to consumers?

Are you able to conceive of highly structured reviews that flow logically, smoothly, and answer questions for readers of all knowledge levels, from novice to expert?

Would you like to see your writing used as the basis of a series of Youtube product review videos for a fast-growing tech channel?

If so, read on!

Hi, we are digidom, a fast-growing digital publisher with a rapidly expanding Youtube presence. Here is who we are looking for:

Our Ideal Writer:

Is an excellent copywriter who is passionate about their work – you take pride in writing great copy that influence audiences and sells. You research thoroughly before writing, to understand the nuances of the project and write copy that resonates with the target market.
Is detail-oriented but also able to see The Bigger Picture. In this case, The Bigger Picture is quite literally that, as the scripts you write will be turned into Youtube videos. The successful candidate is one who writes with this in mind and is able to envisage how their writing will translate to video.
Can work with an editor, accept feedback and amend articles as needed
Articles very rarely need even 2 rounds of revision.
Get bonus points if they have experience with VPNs, Webhosts, and/or other consumer or enterprise software products (tell us what products specifically in your application)
Our process is straightforward:

If hired, you will be onboarded onto our communications and PM systems (Slack and Notion
You'll receive your first Youtube script brief from a team member
After submitting your script, it will be magically transformed into a super engaging Youtube video!
You can submit payment requests as often as you want for completed work; most of our writers do so on an ongoing basis
Sound interesting? Great! Go ahead and fill out this questionnaire. It is very important that you begin your answer to the fourth question from the top with the word “Tubular”, otherwise your application will be ignored.

Thank you!

Ecommerce Direct Copywriter

I’m looking for an ecom direct response copywriter with a proven record in knowing how to compel a prospect to become a customer by buying what she wants over our competitors.

Task at hand:

Write value propositions and ownership benefits on three sections of the store:

-Home Page

-Category Page

-Product Pages


Increase store sales


-Know how to articulate Value Proposition

-Primary Language: U.S. Native English Speaker

-Experienced in the beauty space / women’s hair care niche

--Want more details?---

Send some sample of what you have done in the past, who you are, etc.

Please provide links to your most recent work along with your quote for optimizing store sales copy.

***Important Payment Information - Must have U.S. bank account in order to receive payment.