Software Review Site Copy Editor

Hey there,

My name is Mauricio and I'm the CEO of Cloudwards. We're a software review site looking for a copy editor to join our team for 10 hours per week, though we expect the workload to grow quickly. We’re exclusively hiring a copy editor; we’re not looking to hire an editor who will also write for us. has a calm and clear tone. We have a strong aversion to a marketing style or sales-y tone. We prefer fewer words to many, and dislike the trend of using big words where little ones will do. However, we encourage our writers to have a creative voice, so you’ll need to know when to make edits for clarity and when to keep that special flair intact.

You will be required to provide feedback to writers. This can be tough at times, so you’ll need to be able to communicate well.

Required Qualifications:

One to five years of professional copy editing experience using U.S. English
Knowledge of AP Style
Ability to receive constructive feedback
Strong communication skills
Desired Qualifications (Not Required):

Experience in or knowledge of cloud-based technologies, such as VPNs, cloud storage, etc.
Experience working with Google Docs and SEO tools
The selection process works as follows: Fill out the Google Form we’ve linked below. If we like what we see, we’ll get back to you. We’ll give you a short piece to edit and then do a short video interview.

Perks of is a fully remote team of freelance writers and editors, which means you can work from anywhere that has a WiFi connection. That’s just one benefit of working on our team. Others include: a decent, quickly paid salary; a friendly editorial team; and relative freedom to plan your workweek as you see fit.


We’ll be paying you around $20 per hour, though we’re willing to negotiate upward for people with some solid experience.

B2B Website Editor

We manage the content for some the highest profile B2B sites out there.

We’ve already assembled a team of writers to handle the demands of these sites, publishing over 80 posts per month.

But amazing blogs aren’t built on content volume alone. Every post also needs to be incredible. That’s where you come in.

We’re opening up our first full-time Editor role. You’ll be working with our team of writers to improve the quality on our posts.

You don’t need to worry about hiring, managing, or hitting content quotas. That’s all been put in place for you.

You have one goal and one goal only: improve the quality of every post as much as possible.

Your Responsibilities
Reviewing first drafts of new post posts, providing feedback to writers, and getting the post ready for publishing.

Improving the content of each post. Do we have the right recommendations? Do we focus on the right details? Have we synthesized everything for our readers? Are we giving visitors what they want? Each post should provide as much value as possible.

Improving the copy of each post. This is the quality of the writing itself. It’s much more than just following The Elements of Style. Does each word carry it’s weight? Does every sentence flow smoothly into the next? Are we communicating as clearly as possible? Are we being as persuasive as we could be?

We run an extensive update program on our live posts. You’ll be deeply involved in helping our writers find ways to improve posts as they work through updates.

How to Tell If You’ll be a Great Fit
This role will focus exclusively on B2B content like software buying decisions, how to create websites, marketing topics, etc. You should be excited by spending 100% of your time in this area.

You enjoy coaching writers. Your real long-term impact won’t be from maximizing the quality of each post, it will come from helping writers improve their own skills. This also means you know when to push writers and when to keep your feedback to yourself, a delicate balance for any coach.

You have experience with direct response copywriting. You should feel very comfortable with concepts like how to write compelling headlines, AIDA, hooks, CTAs, positioning, etc.

You have a long-standing habit of working on your own writing, it’s a passion of yours. You’ve devoured books on writing and regular look for inspiration from writers that you admire.

You’ve had extensive experience with writing and/or managing blogs. If you were to write a blog post yourself, it would be an extremely high quality post. You know what a great post looks like with just a quick scan and know how to turn a good post into a great post.

Email us at [email protected] and answer these questions:

1) What's the difference between a good blog post and a great blog post?

2) What's your favorite book on writing?

3) Can you briefly describe your experience writing and editing for blogs?

Also please include your resume or a link to your LinkedIn.

Multi-Topic Agency Editor

We run a portfolio of bigger websites and we're looking for an editor to help us get our writer's content online.

You will be trained by our current editor and working alongside her. You will be working directly with our team of writers across several websites.

You are also very welcome to write content for us on a weekly basis but we need you to edit at least 15 hours per week.

We will need you to:

Be available 20 hours per week or more
Native speaker of American English
Familiar with WordPress
Please include a few writing samples so we can get a feel for your writing.

We look forward to hearing from you! 😀

Tech Website Writers, Editors & Content Managers

We’re recruiting for a few performance marketing companies in the tech niche who are on the look-out for outstanding content writers, editors, and content managers. The companies and their teams are 100% remote so you can work from anywhere in the world. No tech experience required.

We’re looking for candidates who are:

Skilled writers by training — You are a master of the English language and should be able to demonstrate your ability to tailor content to different audiences.
Hungry to learn — You should be excited to learn from experts in this field and up your content game within the performance marketing/tech niche. You should be a quick learner who can soak up information like a sponge and immediately apply what you learn consistently in your work.
Highly adaptable with a growth mindset — You should be comfortable working in fast-paced environments. You aren’t afraid of change and take it as an opportunity to grow.
Perfectionists at heart — You can follow guidelines to a T. You have a keen eye for detail and are an expert at noticing factual errors, weird formatting, typos, grammar faux pas etc. You never make the same mistake twice.
Experienced with digital content — You don’t draw a blank when we talk about inserting meta descriptions, adding alt text, optimizing image file names, checking page layouts on web view vs. mobile view. Bonus if you already have experience creating high-converting content.
Always taking initiative — You should be resourceful and take initiative to research subjects you do not (yet) understand. You love digging deeper and you’re not ok with being “unsure”. You are not afraid to ask questions to further your own learning and growth.
Performance marketing enthusiasts — You should have a basic-to-good understanding of how performance marketing works (or be resourceful enough to Google it before applying).
Remote work veterans — We don’t want to have to explain to you how this whole remote working thing works. So you need to have excellent time management skills, organization skills, and understand that you need to be communicative and keep your team updated with your progress.
Available for a minimum of 15 hours per week — We’re being straight up about this: there will be a steep learning curve so this is the minimum required from you to invest in your own growth.
Looking for long-term jobs + growth opportunities — We like working with talented people (forever and ever if possible) so we cultivate long-term working relationships with our team members. We also like grooming individuals to take on bigger roles within our teams.
There are different types of content you might be working on, including long-form blog posts, link-building articles, product reviews, sales landing pages etc.

Note: Our training process involves some writing (yes, even if you’re an editor/content manager) to get fluent with the new content guidelines. You’ll learn how to take a poor performing page (that may require an entire overhaul) and turn it into a page that converts. You need to be able to execute this yourself in order to create articles independently down the line. This will be an intensive training period paid at a competitive rate. Increases and progression will be subject to KPIs being met.

If you’re interested in any of these positions, please apply here. Should you be shortlisted, you’ll be contacted to do a written test before a final decision is made. Unsuccessful applicants will not be notified.

We look forward to receiving your application! Good luck!

Conservative News Editor

Conservative Institute is accepting applications for an editors position.

As an editor, you'll be in charge of ensuring content quality. At CI, we pride ourselves on our rigorous fact-checking. Editors work with writers and headliners to ensure that our content is high quality and high accuracy.


Must be a good writer.
Must be detail-oriented
Must be conservative. Experience in conservative media or politics strongly preferred.

Pay: $700-$1000 per week based on experience.

Assistant Health & Wellness Editor

We're a mission-based effort serving the millions of people suffering from thyroid disease in 52 countries!

The Thyroid Pharmacist team is a super tight-knit team of thyroid health advocates who are passionate about helping others who are struggling with Hashimoto's.

We’re looking for an excellent Assistant Health and Wellness Editor / Writer to join our team.

This is a paid opportunity for work on a contractual / hourly basis.

If you can identify with those struggling with thyroid disease, pride yourself on being effective and productive (rather than busy), and have the skills we're looking for, we'd love for you to join us!

What's This Position All About?
The Assistant Health & Wellness Editor / Writer will help our team create high-quality, in-depth content that will reach hundreds of thousands of people in the Thyroid Pharmacist community. Our online articles are research-driven and typically run between 2000 and 5000 words.

Working with our Chief Content Officer (CCO) and content creators, you’ll produce original content, repurpose previously published content, and set our already-high bar for content quality continuously higher. If content is awkward? Structured poorly? Hard to follow or understand? Doesn’t sound like us? You’ll fix it.

What will you directly do?

Create and publish original content as assigned for, our email newsletter, and other properties
Create and publish content for products, launches, and other revenue-generating activities
Edit content pieces such as eBooks, newsletter, PowerPoint slides, web copy, articles and white papers, created by other content team members
Develop outlines and intake forms for content pieces
Assist with maintaining the editorial calendar and associated tasks, and ensuring deadlines are met
Assist with developing images to accompany and support content
Draft social media headlines and copy to accompany content at publication
Discuss assignments with content creators and resolve any roadblocks
Load content into our content management software and email marketing platform
Edit and proofread content prior to publication
Coach content creators to create better content over time
Identify and recommend potential changes to our content types, standards, styles, and processes
Ensure that our content complies with copyright law and other relevant legal guidelines
What will you ensure gets done?

Creation and publication of consistently high-quality, high-performing content that adheres to our style, voice, and other brand standards
Timely completion of all steps required to produce and publish content, such that the content calendar runs smoothly and content is ready for publication well in advance of intended publication dates
Resolution of any feedback from the CCO about specific content pieces or our content in general
Minimization of the CCO’s direct involvement in the content review/editing process
Identification and inclusion of appropriate links/resources in content, as defined by our content guidelines and procedures
What traits do you possess?

Passion for health and for helping others
Excellent writing, researching, and editing skills
Ability to translate complex information into layman's terms
Fanatical attention to syntax, grammar, style, and other details
Understanding of voice, tone, and how to use them to best get a message across
Strong oral communication skills
Excellent teaching and coaching ability
Strong sense of accountability; problem-solver
Empathy; ability to view issues from the perspective of others
Resiliency; clear-mindedness under pressure
Adaptability, flexibility, and humility
Thirst for self-improvement and continuous learning/development
What have you done before?

Experience publishing digital content online and via email using platforms such as Rainmaker, WordPress, ConvertKit, etc.
Experience writing, reviewing, and editing research-driven content
Fluent user of online collaboration and communication tools
Knowledge of and background in Hashimoto’s and thyroid disease preferred
Familiarity with SEO, content marketing, and social media preferred
How to Apply
If you read the description above and thought, "YES! That's me!" - Great! We'd love to talk to you.

(Please do not apply for this position if you do not have the desired skill set. We love that you want to help our mission, but if you're not qualified, we won't waste your time by contacting you about this role.)

Thanks! We can't wait to work with you.