Anthology Submission Call-Out

As mentioned in our 2013 Review, Writer’s Edit will be publishing a creative writing anthology later this year. This will be a print publication (hopefully with an e-book version) which will be available for sale directly from Writer’s Edit, as well as online distributors such as Amazon.

The anthology will be the ultimate writer’s companion, containing short stories, non-fiction essays, writing and industry-related advice as well as useful writing prompts. It will include some of our favourite existing pieces from the site, but overall, the content will be brand new and exclusive.


  • Word limit is 3000 words. Though if you feel particularly passionate about a longer piece, you have the option of pitching it to one of our editors. You can get in contact here. Please use the subject ‘Anthology Fiction Pitch’.
  • We will NOT be reviewing any romance, fantasy or trend-based writing (eg. no vampires, zombies or 50 Shades spin-offs).
  • We will only publish high-impact literary fiction of the highest standard. Please, no first drafts.



Submission Call out_typewriter
Writer’s Edit is now accepting submissions for our 2014 anthology.
Image Credit: Sasa Mutic, Creative Commons.

Please contact us here, with the subject line ‘Anthology Poetry Pitch’. Please tell us a little bit about the poetry you’d like to submit, as well as how long you expect it to be. Currently we have no poetry featured on Writer’s Edit to offer guidelines. Please note: the poetry category may be removed if not enough entries are received.


  • Word limit: 3000 words.
  • Essays should remain industry-related. Pieces on the writing process, editing process, engaging publishers and agents, the changing nature of literature, what it means to be a writer, are all suitable topics.
  • Only in-depth, informative pieces will be selected.


Writing Advice/Writing Prompts:

  • Word limit: 3000 words.
  • Lists of resources, industry-related advice (eg. how to submit to a publisher, how to write a book synopsis), lessons from personal experiences, will be highly sought after.
  • How to structure a story, how to self-edit and how to build a readership are also suitable topics.
  • Only in-depth, informative pieces will be selected.



28th of February, 2014, 5pm.

  • You may submit more than one piece of writing, as long as they are in different categories (unless agreed upon otherwise).
  • All submissions are to be sent as doc. or .docx files. Click here to submit your work.
  • Feel free to contact us here with any questions, concerns or creative pitches.

Please Note:

  • Publication is not guaranteed.
  • At this stage we are unable to offer contributors any form of payment.
  • We will not be providing in-depth feedback on pieces that do not make it to publication.
  • We do not wish to receive work that has already been published.


We look forward to reading your work!




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