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Book Clubs to Determine the Next Bestsellers?

'The Interestings' is a book that makes you think outside the box when it comes to your creative ambitions.

The thoughts and opinions of book clubs are often divided and passionately debated. Publisher Hookline Books has introduced an unconventional way to utilise this across the U.K. - to help recognise the next potential bestsellers. The publisher invites a selection of book clubs to read the first two chapters of manuscripts from students and assess them using a ranking system. From this, the top five authors are then asked to submit their entire manuscript for assessment by the publishing house itself.

Arguments are flying high at The Writer's Edit… Are book club members as qualified as trained editors when it comes to assessing an unpublished, unedited manuscript?

And most importantly, what do you think? Is this a brilliant, unconventional method for discovering new talent, or simply a new way of distributing the rejection process? Read the full article from the BBC here.

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