Our Fiction Editor: Kelly Emmerton

Finding the right editor for any publication is always a challenging task, finding the perfect match for Kindling was no different. The fiction our anthology features covers a broad range of topics, and so having an editor who could bring all these works together was crucial. After talking to and testing many applicants, we discovered Kelly Emmerton.

Meet Kelly Emmerton, the ‘Kindling’ Fiction Editor.


Kelly Emmerton has loved reading and writing her entire life and has always wanted little more from a career than the opportunity to read good books. She grew up in a small country town, but moved to Sydney to complete a Bachelor of Communications at the University of Technology, Sydney majoring in Writing and Cultural Studies. Since beginning her study, Kelly has found herself editing books as she reads them, which is both amusing and frustrating for her.

She wholeheartedly believes, as Mark Twain did, that the difference between the right word and the almost right word is astounding and for her, much of the pleasure of both reading and writing comes from finding that perfect word.

Three Questions with Kelly:

1. What’s the fiction list like for Kindling?

The fiction list is made up of some really great stories from some very talented authors. From a bittersweet coming of age to memories left by footprints in the sand, these stories explore what it is to be human – whether that means settling into a new life, connecting with the people around you or, in some cases, disconnecting from them.

2. Has being the Fiction Editor taught you anything new about writing?

Above all else, editing this anthology has taught me that there are as many styles of writing as there are writers. No matter how many common threads run through this collection, each author has a very distinct voice and a style all of their own. It’s been a wonderful experience to work with so many different authors and a real learning curve to adapt to their styles.

3. What will the readers of Kindling find most exciting about this year’s fiction list?

I think the most exciting thing about this collection is that these are stories you can see yourself reflected in. Even if you’ve never had an urn lost in the post or seen hundreds of turtles beached after a storm, the sentiments at the heart of each story are told with such a level of insight that it’s hard not to relate to them.

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