The Kindling Editorial Team

For the last six months, Writer’s Edit has been working tirelessly on acquiring and refining incredible short stories, poems and essays to fill the pages of our first anthology Kindling. In the earlier months of this year we sifted through hundreds of submissions by authors from all over the world, and we’ve learnt so much from the process, both as writers ourselves and as editors. But what was just as hard as finding the right pieces for Kindling was finding the right editorial team to work alongside us.

So right now, we couldn’t be more proud to introduce the final team behind Kindling:

Our team_Canva image
Meet the incredibly talented editors behind our anthology…

But it doesn’t end here, get to know them in one-on-one interviews with Writer’s Edit. See the links below.

Poetry Editor: Kyra Bandte

Non-Fiction Editor: Jerath Head

Fiction Editor: Kelly Emmerton

You can also meet our super talented cover artist Alissa Dinallo here.

Stay tuned for more Kindling news!

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