Our Non-Fiction Editor: Jerath Head

With our anthology Kindling well into the final stages of editing, and moving into design and production, we felt it was about time you got to know the faces behind our publication.

Earlier this year, we scouted out the best possible editors to work with us on Kindling. It was a long and difficult process for all those involved, however, it was Jerath Head who impressed us most with his eagle-eye attention to detail and his friendly, straight-forward attitude. Since then, he’s worked with our non-fiction authors to bring out the very best in their essays and memoir pieces.

Meet our Non-Fiction Editor, Jerath Head.

Jerath graduated with a Bachelor of Science in 2010. In the same year he traveled to Europe for the first time, and on the way back decided to abandon ship. He now finds himself adrift in a sea of words: studying a Master of Writing, Editing, and Publishing; contributing articles to street press; experimenting with poetry, travel memoir, and short fiction; fostering a passion for editing and the proliferation of written work. He fancies himself a decent swimmer, but hopes to find shore soon.

Three Questions with Jerath

What kind of topics/themes do the Kindling non-fiction pieces cover?

The nonfiction pieces for Kindling predominantly focus on the aspects of writing that present challenges to those who would write for a living. These challenges are varied, and range from contemplating the appropriate use of dialogue, to understanding why it is we might choose a life that revolves around the written word. There is plenty of inspiration and sound advice for writers and readers alike, as well as a couple of more creative essay-style pieces.

What’s the experience been like as Non-Fiction Editor?

My experience as the Nonfiction Sub-Editor has been exceedingly positive. Helen, the founding editor of Writer’s Edit, has been fantastic as both mentor and colleague throughout the process. Working with the authors has also been a uniform pleasure, despite them often being at quite different points in their writing careers.

Have you learnt anything about writing/writers from editing the essays?

At the most basic level, writers and editors are working toward the same goal – the proliferation of the written word and literary culture. While the two roles require quite different approaches to the same piece of writing, Kindling has fostered a great sense of mutual understanding and respect that has reminded me how important it is not to forget this.

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