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Forget Google, Yahoo, and Bing – Writer’s Edit have discovered something different: a search engine specifically for writers. We’re talking about Writer’s Knowledge Base. This platform houses hundreds of articles about the writing process, getting published and marketing your work.

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A new search engine specifically for writers? Sounds good to us!
Image Credit: Ruben Bos, Creative Commons.

If you’re a writer and you’re on Twitter, chances are that you follow other writers and publishing houses. Which is great! People in our community usually tweet valuable, industry-related links, however, due to the nature of Twitter itself, these resources are often only seen by a small percentage of followers and are then lost amidst thousands and thousands of other tweets.

Twitter’s short shelf-life was preventing thousands of writers from accessing useful, handpicked links. It was with this realisation that Writer’s Knowledge Base came to life. Elizabeth Craig, who posts thousands of writing related links via Twitter saw the need to create a ‘database’ of these resources.

But why not use Google? Elizabeth says:

Trying to find an article on POV, internal conflict, scene structure, dialogue? The highest ranking posts in Google for any given writing search is frequently an assignment that a college professor has posted (an assignment on the topic, not a resource), or a vague article by a content mill site that doesn’t address the topic in any kind of depth. It’s just not what writers are looking for.

WKB’s search results come from Elizabeth’s extensive Twitter feed, ensuring that these amazing resources aren’t missed, making this platform a great research tool for writers trying to better their craft.

You can follow Elizabeth on Twitter, here.

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