How To Create Secondary Characters

How To Create Secondary Characters

The core of a great story comes with a set of compelling characters. While the protagonist will always have the limelight, secondary characters are as important. These range from sidekicks, best friends, a love interest, or an enemy. All with the purpose of

7 Steps To Plan & Organise Your First Draft

Perhaps Ernest Hemingway was being dramatic when he said ‘There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at the typewriter and bleed.’ But writing a novel is a momentous undertaking that will challenge your imagination, your will,

Is It Okay To Use Google Docs For Writing A Novel?

When you’re writing a novel – especially if it’s your first – it can be easy to second-guess yourself. A lot of us look for a blueprint to follow so that the book we write is the best version of

How To Write A Killer First Page For Your Novel

There are millions of things going on these days that divert our attention from what matters. Scrambling to reply to that email… Hitting ‘play’ on the next episode of your latest binge watch… It’s no surprise that our attention spans

Top 7 Tips For Writing A Successful Sequel

You’ve done it! You completed your first novel. Congrats! But now what do you do? Eat an entire pizza? Dance in your living room? Do whatever you please. You deserve it. But, what if you decide, mid-dance, that you’ve not

What Are Some Good Examples Of Character Development In Literature?

Every character has thoughts, opinions and a past that has shaped them into who they are. Character development is the process of creating this persona, then changing and adapting it in correlation to the events of a story. As readers

How To Make Minor Characters Matter

Any great story involves a cast of varied characters who each play an integral role. But ‘minor’ characters are an often overlooked element of storytelling. Many prospective writers position secondary characters in the proverbial trunk of the narrative vehicle, merely an

23 Best Books For Learning To Write Fiction

The best way to learn how to write fiction is to read a lot of fiction. I hear this advice over and over again, and I wholeheartedly agree. Sometimes, though, when you’re after a bit of extra guidance, it can

How Many Drafts Should You Write For A Novel?

Asking ‘How many drafts should you write for a novel?’ is kind of like asking ‘How long is a piece of string?’. Every writer has a process that works for them. Some swear by three drafts; others proclaim 10 to

Should You Underline Or Italicise Book Titles?

Maybe you’re writing your author bio or a blog post, or maybe you need to refer to a book in your own story. But when it comes to typing in that book title, you find yourself hovering between the italics