Ebook: Traditional vs Self-Publishing: Which Is Right For You?

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Have you written a novel? Are you confused about what to do next? ‘Traditional vs Self-Publishing: Which Is Right For You?’ breaks down the differences between the two models, and helps new authors decide what’s best for their book.

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Inspired by the struggles of the modern-day author, this book delves into the unknowns of both methods of publishing. It covers issues such as consistency of pay, rates of success, responsibilities that fall to the author, hidden costs, and much more. Divided into Pros and Cons sections for each mode of publishing, this definitive text will help you weigh up all the options, providing a balanced view of both methods.

Brought to you by the experienced team at Writer’s Edit Press (, this book uncovers the many myths surrounding what it’s like to be a traditionally published author versus an indie author. Created for writers who are unsure which path is right for them, 'Traditional vs Self-Publishing' aims to inform and guide writers to make the best decision for themselves and their book.

Understanding and accepting that every book and every author are different, this book seeks not to persuade, but rather to help writers define their own ideas of ‘success’ and decide which publishing option will get them there.


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