Anthology: Kindling


Kindling is a collection of fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry and writing advice for all you emerging wordsmiths. It showcases the work of some incredible up-and-coming talent as well as offers advice from more established writers.

In 2014, our Kindling Volume I made a big debut splash with killer whales in Twofold Bay, rebellious teenage boys and homeless ghost writers, as well as interviews with some of Australia’s leading literary figures.

It featured the work of authors like Lee Kofman, Nick Gadd and Damon Moore (among many other talents), while Kristin Prescott shares advice from Kate Forsyth and Kim Wilkins.

Since then, we published two more volumes of the popular book. You can find out more about those titles here.

We have no plans to publish more Kindling books in the near future.


Listed below are the incredible individuals who’ve generously supported us throughout our crowdfunding campaign. These wonderful folk are the ones who believed in our book Kindling from the very beginning. Without you, Writer’s Edit Press and Kindling wouldn’t be possible. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

  • Kerri-Ann Sheppard
  • Donna Waters
  • Kate Liston-Mills
  • Alyssa Boorman
  • Sherry Landow
  • Amra Pajalic
  • Les Zig
  • Tara Bennett
  • Nimmity Zappert
  • Kyra Bandte
  • Jess Gore
  • Eva Kozarovska
  • Dave Hickman
  • Zita Fogarty
  • Liam Lowth
  • John Gorrie
  • Susie Gregson
  • Mrigank K. J. Pawar
  • Daisy Meow
  • Beverley Cole
  • Yasmin Scheuerer
  • Gareth Hickman
  • Eloise Edstein
  • Ilona W
  • Ella Veillet
  • Liam Casey
  • Margaret Liston
  • Fay Copley
  • Annelisa Kalaiziovski
  • Holger Bandte
  • Bob Hickman
  • Bronwyn Cooper
  • Beth Nelan
  • Rachel Mulholland
  • Louise DelZoppo
  • Melanie Doncas
  • Tina Giannoulis
  • Daniel Fudge
  • Kristin Prescott
  • Barbara Elder
  • Nikolina Juric
  • Erin Mealey
  • Robert Hickman
  • Naomi van Groll
  • Daniel Murphy
  • Sophie Masson
  • Joanne O’Shea
  • Hannah Jermyn
  • Nick Gadd
  • Sophie Swancott
  • Damon Moore
  • Suzie Eisfelder
  • Ong Lih Tyng
  • Suzie Eisfelder
  • Benjamin Stevenson
  • Kathryn Ashley
  • Lauren Circosta
  • Andrew Gosling
  • Anna Maguire
  • Melania Berehovy
  • Snez Gorgieva

2 thoughts on “Anthology: Kindling”

  1. Hi,
    I am writing a narrative non fiction book of true inspirational stories from my general (medical) practice. I am an award wining GP(Monash University for teaching) from an award winning practice based on the Mornington Peninsula.
    I hope to publish these 25 stories once the manuscript (65-75,000 words) is completed
    If I submit one ot these for your anthology, and you decide it is suitable
    would it affect my chances with a publisher to have the collection published as a single book?
    Await your comments with interest,
    With Thanks,
    Dr Mrin Nayagam
    Mount Eliza, Victoria

    1. Hi Mrin,

      That’s a great question. Usually it depends on the publisher and their own preferences. We’d say to be on the safe side, it’s best not submit any part of the manuscript you hope to have published later on.

      We hope this helps!

      – The Writer’s Edit Team

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