Writer's Edit is all about getting the work of new and emerging writers out into the world. Which is why we've always offered a number of publication avenues for authors. You can learn about our individual publications here.

If you're ready to submit, read on for our guidelines...

Kindling Anthologies

Kindling is a creative writing anthology published by Writer's Edit Press.

In 2016, we published our third and final volume in the Kindling series. To find out more about our books, click here.

Submissions are closed.

For Writer's Edit

If you'd like to submit an article for possible publication, please take the time to look through the site and become familiar with the types of articles we publish. This gives you a far better chance of publication.

Please send in a pitch, rather than a complete article. We will let you know if we wish to see the full article or not. Please use the subject line 'Writer's Edit PITCH' - so we can forward it to the appropriate editor. If you fail to do this, you may not receive a response from us. You can submit your pitch here.

We are interested in receiving pitches for:

  • Publishing/Writing Industry-related feature articles
  • In-depth advice and tips for writers
  • Author interviews

Please note we do not:

  • Publish guest posts in exchange for links
  • Accept payment for favourable reviews
  • Accept one-off book reviews

Short Story & Poem of the Month

Throughout 2016, Writer's Edit ran a new initiative 'Short Story of the Month' and 'Poem of the Month'.

Each month, we published and showcased a piece in each category we thought was absolutely brilliant. The author received professional editing and extensive social media promotion across our platforms.

Due to the upcoming release of our online courses and educational platform, the Short Story & Poem of the Month initiative will not continue into 2017.

Submissions are closed.

For All Submissions

Please note the following:

  • Writer's Edit cannot currently offer payment to any writers. We are an entirely volunteer-run publication and small press.
  • Writer's Edit reserves the right to change its mind about any piece of writing at any stage.
  • Writer's Edit does not tolerate cyber bullying.