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Tag: advice for writers

Let's admit it, readers: we all love a good death scene. Whether we're ugly-crying because we loved the character so much and OH, THE INJUSTICE, or punching the air and cheering because that villain got what they deserved... There's nothing like a well-crafted death scene to elicit a strong reaction in a reader. But how […]
There are few things more magical to a writer than an idea. That initial spark of inspiration, that tiny kernel that nestles itself in your mind – slowly growing and developing, taking shape and form... There's no doubt that ideation is one of the most exciting parts of the writing process. But for many writers, […]
If you're writing a series, you might have heard of – or already be quaking in fear of – the dreaded thing called 'second book syndrome'. But what exactly is this phenomenon? Also called 'middle book syndrome' or 'second book slump', second book syndrome generally refers to an author's second book not quite living up […]
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