How To Make Minor Characters Matter

Any great story involves a cast of varied characters who each play an integral role. But ‘minor’ characters are an often overlooked element of storytelling. Many prospective writers position secondary characters in the proverbial trunk of the narrative vehicle, merely an afterthought to the key protagonists. Some may believe that if characters aren’t integral to the plot, …

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How to Pitch a Movie

(Then Write the Screenplay…) Book yourself an appointment with an EXEC from a studio. This will require the powers of persuasion, subtle harassment, luck, or a gun. Okay, maybe not the latter, but definitely a combination of the other three. When the time comes, introduce yourself with a smile. Have a firm handshake. Project confidence. …

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The Writing Process

Delving into brainstorming, character development and the importance of editing, Kristie Minshall tells us about her writing process.