writing prompts

Weekly Writing Prompts: #27

We encourage fiction writers to step out of their comfort zones and dabble in creative non-fiction for a change!

Weekly Writing Prompts: #25

The importance of reading is our theme this week, and our writing prompt is no exception. Use newly discovered techniques in the book you’re reading to experiment with your writing craft.

Weekly Writing Prompts: #24

This week’s writing prompt encourages you to think about what your setting reveals about your characters.

Weekly Writing Prompts: #18

This week’s writing prompt challenges you to use the mundane chatter of your TV to get your creativity flowing.

Weekly Writing Prompts: #17

What makes your villain who they are? This week’s writing prompt asks you to delve deeper into those unlikable characters.

Anthology Submission Call-Out

We’re publishing an anthology and we want you to submit your best short stories, essays and writing advice for consideration.