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Word Counter

Helen needs to re-write this section because it was copy-pasted from elsewhere.

Readability Score

To get your message across in a piece of writing, you want to use words which your audience can comprehend. Otherwise there is no point of writing. But how can you measure how difficult it is to understand a piece of text?

Enter readability score.

Folks, more intelligent than us, have developed many scales to measure difficulty level of a reading passage. For our app, we are going to use Flesch reading-ease test, which is one of the most commonly used tests for this purpose. This is the one that Microsoft Word relies on!

In the Flesch reading-ease test, scores range from zero to one hundred. Higher scores indicate material that is easier to read; lower numbers mark passages that are more difficult to read. It is based on a little complex mathematical formula which we don't need to worry about, because on the web there is an API for (almost) everything.

While there are many paid options for calculating readability scores, we are going to use Readability Metrics API from Mashape which is absolutely free to use. It gives some other readability scores as well if you are interested.


Top Keywords

Once you start typing, you will notice that a new container will appear at the bottom of the page that displays top keywords from the text. This tells you what keywords you used most often which can help you prevent overusing certain words in your writing.


Dave's writing:

Note that a large portion of the most commonly used words (known as 'stop words') do not appear in Top Keywords section. We don't count them because if we did, this section would just be filled with words like 'and' and 'the', and so on.

The rest is pretty self-explanatory so just make some stuff up.

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