How To Create A Fictional Language For Your Fantasy Novel In 8 Steps

Craft your own fictional language for fantasy novels in 8 easy steps. From phonetics to grammar, this guide offers essential tools for immersive world-building. Perfect for adding depth to your speculative fiction.

Does My Fantasy Novel Actually Need A Map?

If you’re currently writing, editing or getting ready to publish a fantasy novel, you might be wondering if you need to include a map. Fantasy novels are well-known for including maps, more so than any other genre. A map is

The Ultimate List Of Character Development Questions

The Ultimate List Of Character Development Questions

Getting to know your characters is vital for any writer and any story. Characters drive plot. How they react to the world around them is what creates drama and interest. So knowing your character, and understanding how they would respond

Can A Protagonist Be Evil

Can A Protagonist Be Evil?

The protagonist is usually thought of as the hero of the story. They might have flaws or make poor decisions, but over the course of their journey, they generally right their wrongs and triumph over evil. As readers, we connect

How Many Characters Is Too Many

How Many Characters Is Too Many?

Is your head full of a cast of characters you’re longing to set forth on an epic adventure story? Writing a story that includes many characters can add a layer of richness and detail to your story that many readers

Can A Story Have More than One Main Character

Can A Story Have More Than One Main Character?

When you think of a novel, you might imagine only one main character leading the way. While this may be the typical way to tell a story, it doesn’t mean it’s the only way to do it. Maybe you have

Pros & Cons Of Plotting & Pantsing

The Pros And Cons Of Plotting And Pantsing

Getting started on a novel can be the hardest step. Writers the world over have often debated the best way to embark on a new literary endeavour. The novel-writing process tends to follow one of two patterns: plotting or pantsing.

Which Point of View Should I Use for My Novel?

Before you get to work creating the greatest character of all time for your novel, you also have to stop and consider which perspective you want to tell your story from. Which one fits your story? Which will help you

Can A Novel Be Written In First Person?

Many authors enjoy writing in first person point of view, and for some, it can be easier to write this way. Some authors, on the other hand, prefer to write solely in third person, and some even prefer omnipotent point

7 Steps To Plan & Organise Your First Draft

Perhaps Ernest Hemingway was being dramatic when he said ‘There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at the typewriter and bleed.’ But writing a novel is a momentous undertaking that will challenge your imagination, your will,