Recapping the Kindling Volume II Launch Party

It seems like only yesterday that Writer’s Edit was proudly launching its first, printed anthology, Kindling. Now, only twelve months later, we celebrate our second big project, Kindling Volume II, taking its place among the bookshelves of the world.

As a collection, Kindling offers its readers a passionate love letter to writing itself” – Helen Scheuerer, Kindling II, Foreword.

On Wednesday night (18th Nov), the writers, editors, and supporters of Writers Edit gathered together at the Madison Hotel Vine Bar, to celebrate the launch of our second anthology, Kindling II.

The gorgeous book table at the launch of ‘Kindling Volume II’…

The venue provided a modern-rustic vibe – a notably surprising atmosphere to stumble upon in the heart of metropolitan Surry Hills. More remarkable than this, however, was the opportunity to witness a phenomenon.

An incredible group of talented individuals, once divided by the isolation of computer screens, were now coming together; connecting as colleagues, and making new friends, in the true spirit of ‘kinship’ that first gave birth to Kindling.

The venue was full even before the sun had set…

The Launch

The launch began at 7pm, with much mingling and elated introductions. Before long, the bar was packed to the rafters with writers, editors, and publishers. Over 70 wonderful people turned up to celebrate the publication of our second book.

Once again, our guests travelled from far and wide. There were those who had travelled from the South Coast, the Southern Highlands, some from Melbourne, and even some from as far as South Australia and Perth.

Copies of Kindling II took pride of place at the top of the room, like a star on a Broadway stage, ready for guests to buy and take home. The gorgeous, crimson cover design was once again provided by the talented Alissa Dinallo; recent winner of Young Designer of the Year award.

Following speeches from Founding Editor, Helen Scheuerer, and author, Kristin Prescott, guests let loose, celebrating with mini-Kindling cupcakes, drinks, and, of course, purchasing their own copies of Kindling II.

The delicious ‘Kindling’ cupcakes were super popular…

How Far We’ve Come

In the twelve, short months since Kindling I launched, two of its authors, Kate Liston-Mills and Jenny Bravo, have gone on to publish full-length books.

Chloe Higgins, Nick Gadd and Lee Kofman won prestigious prizes and grants, and one of its poets Lorin Reid is currently on a sponsored slam-poetry tour across America.

When addressing the success of those involved in Kindling I, Founding Editor, Helen Scheuerer said:

It just goes to show the kind of launch pad that Kindling is for young writers around Australia and the world.”

‘Kindling’ Volume I and II on display at the book table…

The Making of Kindling II

Kindling II was made possible by the generous support and financial backing of other literary publications/organisations across Australia, such as: Griffith Review, Mascara Literary Review, UWA Publishing, and the South Coast Writers’ Centre.

In addition to this, Black Inc. Books and Southerly provided special book packs to help raise further funds. In her speech, Helen Scheuerer, spoke about the incredible support offered by these organisations.

Kindling has shown me a really beautiful side to the literary community in Australia,” she said, “Both of these anthologies have been funded by other publications, who we’re actually in competition with… However little they can contribute, or however much they can, they do, and they support it fully, which says a lot about the spirit of writing in Australia.”

Writer’s Edit was also lucky to have the financial support of wonderful individuals, whose names can all be found in the acknowledgements page of the book.

Some of the Writer’s Edit team… Editorial assistants Claire and Bernadette, with Deputy Editor Kyra Bandte and Founding Editor Helen Scheuerer.

But more than just the financial backing, Kindling II is the product of the hard work and passionate dedication of the team who helped put this anthology together.

The launch party paid tribute to these people and the twenty-nine exceptional writers from Australia and around the world whose work is featured within its pages.

Buy Kindling II

For anyone with a love of great literature, Kindling II proves well worth the read. The anthology is also a remarkable way to discover new and exciting talent the Australian writing industry has to offer. As it says in the foreword:

The brilliant prose and poetry in this book will leave writers and readers alike feeling humbled and inspired.”

More stunning copies of ‘Kindling Volume II’…

Copies of Kindling II are available to purchase here.

Stay tuned for our launch party photo galleries…

Photos in this article courtesy of Yasmin Scheuerer.

Alyssa Boorman

Alyssa is an emerging writer from the Blue Mountains, NSW. She has dreamed of becoming an author from the time she could read, and spent much of her childhood stapling together her own little picture books. She has recently finished a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree at the University of Western Sydney, where she studied English Text and Writing. Due to graduate later this year, Alyssa is now in the early stages of drafting out her first novel, and hopes to make her name in the writing industry. In her spare time, Alyssa enjoys curling up with a cup of tea, a good book, or an intelligent TV show.

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