Top 5 Tips For Authors Working With Book Bloggers

Book bloggers are a huge part of today’s online book community. Book blogging is an ever-growing phenomenon – there are more bloggers, and therefore more opportunities for authors, than ever before.

As an author, working with book bloggers is a great way not only to get the word out there about your book, but also to involve yourself in the book community.

You might have your own blog and social media presence, but if you’re feeling like you can’t quite find the right community for your work or you’re trying to gain a wider reach than your own profile allows, it might be time you looked beyond your Twitter page and started seeking out book bloggers to further promote and discuss your work.

Top 5 Tips For Authors Working With Book Bloggers

Book bloggers are everywhere! And their content and tastes are diverse – meaning that there is definitely a blogger who will be interested in reading your book.

The collaboration between authors/publishers and bloggers is relatively new in Australia and there is no set method to apply when building this working relationship. So, we asked Kate Lloyd, also known as Lillytales in Australia’s book blogging community, to share her top 5 tips for authors who would like to work with bloggers.


Writer’s Edit would like to thank Kate for sharing her insights with us!

Have you worked with book bloggers before? Tell us about your experiences and/or leave your questions in the comments below.

Kate Lloyd

Kate Lloyd is a Melbourne-based book blogger, bibliophile, publishing assistant and co-creator of Nook and Burrow. Kate shares her passion for all things bookish on her blog Lillytales which spans Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Litsy and Goodreads. She is always keen to collaborate with authors and publishers, and enjoys encouraging her followers to find solace, comfort and meaning through literature.

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