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Foreshadowing in Literature: Definition and Examples

Explore the art of foreshadowing, a masterful technique that weaves suspense and anticipation into the fabric of storytelling. Discover how subtle hints can shape narratives, inviting readers to unravel mysteries and predict outcomes in a journey through the layers of

How To Create A Fictional Language For Your Fantasy Novel In 8 Steps

Craft your own fictional language for fantasy novels in 8 easy steps. From phonetics to grammar, this guide offers essential tools for immersive world-building. Perfect for adding depth to your speculative fiction.

7 Tips For Describing Hands In Your Writing

Hands are intimate things. Like eyes, they can be windows into our souls. They can reveal our inner thoughts and feelings, even when we’re trying to hide them. Our histories can be revealed by our hands – from the callouses

How To Write Your Story With A 5-Act Structure

Structure is the framework of a story. Understanding structure can help you, as a writer, develop those stories that aren’t quite hitting the mark yet. We are used to act-based structure an audience, as we are better able to absorb

Does My Fantasy Novel Actually Need A Map?

If you’re currently writing, editing or getting ready to publish a fantasy novel, you might be wondering if you need to include a map. Fantasy novels are well-known for including maps, more so than any other genre. A map is

How To Build A Music Playlist For Writers

It can be hard to sit down and start writing. Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve worked on your manuscript. Maybe you’re stuck on a scene that’s particularly tricky to write. Or maybe you’re just not in the right

8 Tips For Getting Back Into Writing After A Long Hiatus

The only thing harder than getting started on a new writing project is returning to an old one after an extended period away. We all need breaks from writing for the same reason we require annual leave from our day

What’s The Difference Between A Synopsis, A Pitch And A Blurb?

There are many tools a writer can use to describe or sell their story. Chief among them are three things: a synopsis, a pitch, and a blurb. In all likelihood, authors will end up writing at least one of each

10 Simple Ways To Hone Your Craft & Sharpen Your Writing Skills Today

Whether you’re writing fiction, non-fiction or something in between, approaching your writing as a professional requires a bit of strategy and a lot of tenacity. Being a good writer isn’t something you ‘arrive at’ and tick off the To-Do list

How Is World-Building For A Short Story Different From A Novel?

World-building is essential for believable, relatable, well-rounded storytelling. It can help to create mood and atmosphere, build character, and evoke a powerful sense of place and setting. Whether you’re creating sprawling imaginary lands in fantasy works, alternate realities in science