7 Tips For Writing Meaningful Death Scenes

Let’s admit it, readers: we all love a good death scene. Whether we’re ugly-crying because we loved the character so much and OH, THE INJUSTICE, or punching the air and cheering because that villain got what they deserved… There’s nothing

5 Writing ‘Rules’ Authors Should Try Breaking

We’re all aware that there are certain guidelines we’re advised follow when writing fiction. These run the gamut from the old ‘show, don’t tell’ mantra to concepts like the three-act structure and its inherent story constructs. But just how closely should we follow

7 Common Mistakes Authors Make When Writing a Series

If you’re writing a series rather than a standalone novel, you’re facing a whole range of additional challenges. The idea of writing one book can be intimidating enough, let alone several books that need to come together in a coherent whole!

5 Tips For Better Physical World-Building In Your Fantasy Novel

World-building is one of the most important parts of fantasy writing – and one that many writers understandably find challenging. As well as things like culture, customs, language, religion and politics, world-building involves the creation of the physical world itself.

7 Essential Guidelines for Writing in First Person

One of the first things you need to decide when setting out to write a story is what point of view it will be told from. This not only means deciding on the main character (or characters) you’ll be following, but

7 Quick Tips for Mastering Pacing in Your Story

Most writers will be aware that pacing is important, whether in a short story, a novel or across an entire series. But what exactly is pacing? Why is it so important? And how can you make sure you master it

5 Simple Tips For Writing Awesome Urban Fantasy

Urban fantasy is one of the most popular fantasy subgenres around. Defined as stories with magical or supernatural elements that take place in a contemporary city or town setting, the urban fantasy category includes the likes of authors such as

6 Quick Tips For Writing Multiple Points of View

One of the first questions you need to answer when beginning a novel is: ‘Whose perspective will I be writing from?’ Depending on your genre, you may choose to take the common route of telling your story from a single

When and How to Write an Amazing Prologue

Today we’re going to talk about one of the most divisive literary devices around: the prologue. As you probably know, a prologue is a section that appears before Chapter One in a book. The prologue is something separate from the

5 Things To Avoid When Writing Romantic Relationships

5 Things To Avoid When Writing Romantic Relationships

Ahh, romance. Not only is it a massively popular genre of its own, it’s also an extremely common element in countless other genres and categories – from literary fiction right through to sci-fi, fantasy and young adult fiction. However, writing romantic