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Tag: editing

‘How To Edit Your Novel’ is a guide designed for writers who have completed a long-form work of fiction and want to edit, polish and perfect it as much as possible. It’s all about providing you with the information, tools and advice you need to take your first draft to the next level, transforming it […]
You've no doubt heard of Scrivener before. Developed by Literature and Latte, this piece of novel-writing software is expansive, affordable, and extremely popular with experienced authors and beginners alike. But just why is it so popular? Do you really need yet another piece of software in your life? Will it really help you write your novel? Like […]
The importance of your novel's first chapter cannot be overestimated. It's the chapter that introduces your book to the world – the chapter that needs to hook readers, agents and publishers alike. (No pressure or anything!) Unfortunately, there's no predetermined formula for a perfect first chapter. Every story is different, and so is every opening […]
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