literary devices

What is a Creative Writing Hook?

All readers know the feeling of being captivated by a piece of writing straight away. When the first sentence pulls you in, it’s much more likely that you’ll continue reading. Many people only read a page or even just few sentences before making a judgement. If they’re not hooked, the book often goes back on …

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Literary Devices: Prologue

Are prologues an outdated literary device? Or are they still relevant in today’s fiction? We investigate.

Literary Devices: Setting

On its most basic level, the setting of your story is simply the location at which your story takes place, like a set to a stage show. This includes the location, the immediate surroundings, the weather and the time. But quite often, the setting is much more than just the ‘where and when’ of your …

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A Literary Life

An insightful and honest exploration of where one writer’s love of the written word began.