What Are The Best Birthday & Christmas Gifts For Writers?

Do you have a writer in your life you need to buy a present for? Or are you a writer yourself wanting to drop some hints to your loved ones?

You’ve come to the write place (ahem).

Present-buying is not always an easy task, but it’s easier if you know the interests of the person you’re buying for.

For writers, receiving a well-meaning gift that acknowledges and celebrates the thing they love to do best is sure to go down a treat.

As a writer myself, I’m well-placed to tell you what they want (what they really really want) for their birthday or Christmas gift.

Family and friends, take note.


Writers love stationery and can never have enough of it. We’re constantly writing down story ideas, twiddling pens in our fingers, and scrawling through plot tangles on the backs of napkins or scraps of paper.

Ask any writer you meet, though, and we’re likely to tell you we already have a drawer full of pretty notebooks we haven’t gotten around to writing in yet.

If you’re going to get stationery for the writer in your life, you’ll need to be clever about it and get them something they aren’t likely to buy themselves.

Think indulgently expensive pens, a personalised stamp, a fancy desk organiser, or some new and fancy notebook that’s only just been released or has a design that’s significant to them.

Office storage

Helping your writer organise their writing space and extensive stationery supplies can inspire some great gift ideas.

I can tell you now that most writers will love a desk organiser, a typewriter-shaped pen holder, or a caddy for their current notebook and pens of choice.

Cute and functional office storage options are always appreciated. Consider pencil cups, magazine racks, bookshelves and tidy trays.

You can even get plants that double as pen holders or desk lights with inbuilt storage space for phones and pens.

Writing equipment

Your writer likely has enough pens (see Stationery section above), but they might like some other tools of the trade. When it comes to writing, there is more to the equipment side of things than you might think.

Consider gifting an ergonomic keyboard, wireless mouse or footrest to keep your writer comfortable while they are at work. Items like noise-cancelling headphones and speakers can also make the writing process more productive.

You could even help make writing on the go a lot easier by gifting a Bluetooth keyboard that can be used with a phone or tablet.

You can also get typewriter-inspired keyboards and, while they may not be entirely practical, they sure sound like fun.

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Bookish jewellery and accessories

The only thing writers love more than writing is reading. A gift that reminds us of our favourite book or author is sure to get our attention.

You can get everything from earrings and scarves to cufflinks and bags featuring quotes or images from famous literary works.

We can’t go past a good typewriter or pen-related motif, either, so choosing accessories in this style is sure to be a hit. Think typewriter earrings, pencil cufflinks or enamel pins with literary themes.

You can even get bookish temporary tattoos for those not quite sure if they want to commit to a real one.

Literary clothing

Did you know you can get shirts and scarves that feature the unique work of your writer? You’ll have to be stealthy enough to grab a copy of their writing for this one, though.

Better yet, ask one of their writing friends to get an excerpt for you. Your writer wouldn’t cope well if you immortalised an unedited version of their manuscript!

Otherwise, choose shirts with a literary focus such as a favourite quote or writerly figure. There’s a whole range of options available to suit just about every taste.

Fingerless gloves are another great idea, as they can help to keep hands warm and cosy during the winter months at the computer. You can also find these in literary-inspired designs and styles.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say comfortable pyjamas count as ‘literary clothing’ as well. (Well, they are for me at least.)

Technology and software

These days, there are so many software programs that can help make the writing process easier. They’re not always affordable, though.

Chances are you might have heard your writer wishing for dictation software, or wistfully dreaming about switching to a new writing platform such as Scrivener. Now is the time to help make those dreams come true.

There are also subscription-based software programs available that can help with editing and refining writing as you work.

If you’re not a writer yourself, you’ll want some inside information for this one, so talk to other writers and do your research before you make your purchase.

If you don’t want to risk getting the wrong thing without consulting with your writer directly, perhaps make up a gift certificate they can ‘redeem’ at a later date.

Inspiration and creativity

Writing is hard work, and sometimes writers need a little help to refill their creative well.

Choose a present that will inspire their creative side. This could include colouring books, painting sets or crafting kits.

Your writer doesn’t necessarily need to be great at art to reap the benefits of being creative in this way. You might even inspire a new hobby or passion by introducing them to a skill they never knew they had.

You can also inspire creativity with a trip to an art gallery or exhibition. Choose a season pass if you want to inspire your writer for an even longer stretch of time than a single visit can provide.

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Books about writing

It’s typically true that writers have an overabundance of books. But we can never have too many books about the craft of writing.

Look for new releases, books from authors you know your writer admires, or works they’ve been meaning to read but haven’t managed to yet.

You can also choose books that can help with the creative aspect of writing and inspiration-seeking.

Pick up a book featuring daily writing prompts, inspirational quotes or stories about the writing processes of famous authors. It all helps.


Did I mention that writers love reading? Choose a magazine or literary journal subscription to inspire your writer’s creativity, provide them with writing tips, or just give them some time out from their usual writing routine.

The best part is that a subscription means a magazine will arrive at regular intervals throughout the year, reminding your writer of just how thoughtful you were with your gift selection.

These days you can even sign up for writer-inspired boxes that arrive at scheduled intervals. These include items like books, coffee mugs, stationery, tea and yummy treats.

If you really want to inspire your writer, keep them in a good supply of reading material by purchasing a subscription to an audiobook or ebook service provider.

It’s both practical and thoughtful, and a completely modern way to help them keep up to date with the many, many books on their to-read pile.

Coffee and tea

Most writers will confess to overconsumption of caffeinated beverages – especially when working to a deadline.

This means we go through a lot of coffee and tea, and you can help keep us in stock by picking up a supply of our brand of choice.

Of course, a coffee mug is a popular gift for writers too. Choose one with a writing-related slogan or motif for bonus credit, or personalise it with a picture or quote you know your writer will love.

Did you know you can also find literary-inspired coffee and tea varieties? Pick up a tasting pack or a gift box that contains a range of new varieties for your writer to sample.

Who knows? You might help them discover a brand-new favourite brew.

Courses and workshops

There is a plethora of writing courses and workshops for writers to take part in. Some focus on the basics of writing, while others are more specialised by theme, genre or writing goal.

No matter which stage of their writing journey your writer is at, a good course is always helpful.

There are both online and in-person workshops running year-round in all parts of the world, so no matter where your writer is located, you’ll be able to find something that suits them.

Your best option is to choose a gift certificate to an organisation that offers a range of courses so your writer can choose their own topic.

Only sign them up to a workshop if you’re certain they’ll be able to attend – there’s nothing worse than missing out.

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When it comes to gifts for writers, you can’t go wrong with something unique and literary-focused.

While stationery is the obvious choice, there is a range of gift types you can choose from that celebrates your writer’s passion while thinking a little more outside the box.

Whether you go for subscriptions, books or accessories, you’ll be sure to put a smile on the face of the writer in your life if the gift you choose is related to writing.

And who knows? Maybe they’ll even thank you for your generous and thoughtful present in the acknowledgements of their next book.

Jodie Woodward

Jodie is a freelance writer and copywriter based in Brisbane. She has dreamed of being a published author since she was 6 years old. Her current work in progress is a contemporary women's fiction manuscript called The Karma Collective (although she loves writing short stories and flash fiction too). In her spare time she likes to make things and dream up new creative endeavours. You can find her hanging out on Instagram @jod_wood

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