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J.K Rowling has been unmasked as the "former military police officer, with a wife and two children” by the name of Robert Galbraith. The supposed ‘debut’ novel of crime fiction, The Cuckoo’s Calling has been described as “perfectly decent, but quiet,” with editors unable to determine a unique selling point for an already over crowded market. However, […]

Explore a psychological aspect of your main character through a small action. Do they pick up a drink and put it back down without taking a sip? Do they go to get something from the cupboard and forge

Our Thoughts on the Penguin/Random House Merger The last few years have been scary for the literary world. In Australia, we’ve seen the likes of Angus & Robertson and Borders close up, two of our biggest bookstore chains in the country. Just a few weeks ago, the Dymocks on the corner of Hunter and Pitt […]
It’s taken a while, but our verdicts are finally in on Lurman’s Gatsby. With its pumping Jay-Z-meets-The Charleston soundtrack and its visual feast of dazzling costuming, sky scraper fly overs and A-list cast, the 2013 Great Gatsby was always bound to impress loyal Lurman fans. It seems to have blown the minds of the rest […]

In the week before her 82nd birthday, short story writer Alice Munro has revealed “I’m probably not going to write any more” to a newspaper interviewer. For those of us who’ve studied Munro’

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